Parent Blasted For Trying to Force Stepdaughter to Go to SeaWorld

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Planning for an upcoming vacation can certainly be stressful.

Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or mountain, or whether you’re planning to visit a theme park like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Disneyland Resort, Busch Gardens, or SeaWorld, there are always certain details and prior reservations that have to be made to ensure that the trip is as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

However, one family seems to be going through some major issues while completing plans for a trip in June.

SeaWorld Ice Breaker
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Reddit user U/spider_cj recently posted a story that involved a tiff between his wife and daughter on the topic of visiting SeaWorld Orlando next month.

He explained that he and his wife have two younger sons together and his daughter is 15. When making plans for their trip to Orlando next month, his wife explained that she wanted to go to SeaWorld, but the daughter said she’d rather stay at the hotel because she isn’t a fan of seeing animals contained in small spaces.

“My daughter has always loved animals especially marine life,” he said. “So I wasn’t surprised I know she’s watched documentaries on sea world. But after that my wife was clearly mad and my daughter made up her mind and wasn’t participating in SeaWorld. Later my wife got mad and said I need to make her go since we’re the adults and we’re taking her on this trip. And that my daughter needs to apologize to her.”

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He offered to stay at the hotel with his daughter and that she could take the two boys to SeaWorld, but said that made his wife even angrier. He said that she told him that he is raising someone who is “entitled” and that he should want to be with his “real family.”

The thread has since received more than 2,000 responses, almost all in favor of the daughter, and many blasting the stepmom for her “real family” comments.

“Your daughter is uncomfortable with a planned outing, 15 it’s old enough to stay in a hotel room alone if you think she’s responsible enough (do check ins),” U/EwokCafe said. “It’s weird to think she should apologize for that. Implying that your daughter isn’t your real family is beyond appalling, though.”

SeaWorld Orlando Mako Roller Coaster
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More on SeaWorld Orlando

Ice Breaker is the newest coaster built at SeaWorld Orlando; its bright colors pull Guests in and fill a hole in the Park, which previously did not do any favors. Ice Breaker was announced to be built in 2019, but due to the pandemic, the coaster’s opening date was severely pushed back. The $8.2 million dollar attraction shoots up and down at 93 feet and hits a speed of 52 miles per hour. Although those stats don’t really give off the “terrifying” vibe, the coaster packs a lot more punch than it may seem.

SeaWorld had recently put in a bid at $3.4 billion to take over Cedar Fair, however that offer was rejected.

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Credit: SeaWorld

Most recently, SeaWorld Orlando has been charged with a lawsuit after a family who visited the Park claimed that they were assaulted by a group of teenage Guests and SeaWorld Orlando failed to protect them, even after witnessing what was going on. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the ongoing incident which involved Aimee, Michael, and Connor Johnson, along with Holly Witt of Duval County on behalf of a child. The group filed the lawsuit against SeaWorld on February 1, and claim that they were seriously injured due to SeaWorld’s negligence. The suit is priced at $100,000.

SeaWorld’s lawyer has denied all charges in the latest court hearing, stating, “that under Florida law, the park has a duty to protect guests. The filing said the plaintiffs’ injuries were caused by their own negligence or carelessness and that they seemingly provoked the other group.” The fight broke out on May 2, 2021, as reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who also had reports of the fight.

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