‘Star Wars’ Celebration Guests Furious Mask Policy Wasn’t Enforced, COVID Cases Pop Up

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Thousands of fans had an exciting weekend in Anaheim, California, at Star Wars Celebration, an official convention celebrating all things Star Wars. 

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Unfortunately, among the thrilling announcements for the Star Wars Disney+ shows and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, some fans felt a vital announcement was missing all weekend.

Credit: StarWars.com

Months ahead of Star Wars Celebration, ReedPOP, the company that runs the fan convention, announced that masks would be mandatory indoors at the event to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Guests were also required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result.

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At the start of the weekend, the official Star Wars Celebration Twitter account sent a few reminders of the mask mandate:

If you are planning on visiting the Health and Safety Check today, please make sure you are wearing your masks. Everyone must wear an approved face covering at all times while inside the venue and while attending Star Wars Celebration.

Many fans purchased tickets for the event expecting the mask mandate to be enforced and were frustrated when it wasn’t. According to many Twitter users, they only saw about half of the Guests wearing masks indoors. Jenny Nicholson, a YouTube creator who discusses the Disney Parks and Star Wars at length, wrote:

I read before going that everyone was supposed to be masked inside and out but in environments like the main hall/panels/queues there was probably only ~50% rate of masking. They handed out masks on the way into the con store but I didn’t see it enforced anywhere else

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Another Twitter user, @stardotgeek, reached out to ReedPOP and Star Wars Celebration to request a refund as she felt they weren’t adhering to their end of the ticket contract. She wrote:

Wonder if @SW_Celebration will refund a ticket since they aren’t adhering to their very clear language on the website about masks. I wouldn’t have bought tickets this year if they weren’t required, folks.

Some Guests tried to appeal to ReedPOP and Star Wars Celebration while the convention was ongoing, hoping they’d start enforcing the mask mandate. Twitter user @JustJoshinMagic reported that even some Star Wars Celebration staff weren’t wearing masks:

Hey @SW_Celebration your enforcement of masks is atrocious. Your own employees aren’t even all wearing them. I’m very disappointed as you advertised it would be a requirement of everyone. Very unhappy with this #StarWarsCelebration

One Guest, @YogiKai on Twitter,  was yelled at by security for being on her phone but saw maskless Guests around her that weren’t reprimanded. She wrote:

It’s terrifying and @SW_Celebration staff is doing NOTHING about it. I was told by “security” to get off my phone but they are saying nothing to those not wearing masks as I predicted

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Though there’s no way to know where one contracted COVID-19, many Star Wars Celebration attendees reported positive cases on social media after the convention. On the last day of the event, Twitter user @hopskotchSunDAY wrote:

Well, looks like I am not going to @SW_Celebration today. I really wish @Reed_POP would have enforced their mask policy more. Only about a half or less were wearing them. 🙄🤬

Another Twitter user, @HereLiesCoRi, wrote that her husband was working the convention and reported Star Wars Celebration employees were testing positive for COVID-19 at an alarming rate. She tested positive one day later:

My husband is working Star Wars Celebration and the crew is dropping like flies from covid. 😬

Ohp. And it officially got the spouse. Womp.

ReedPOP and Star Wars Celebration haven’t publicly responded to the complaints about mask enforcement at the event. Be sure to wait a few days after potential COVID-19 exposure, like at a major convention, before testing to make sure you’re negative.

Six panelists sit on stage next to a photo of a Rey plush.
Credit: @DisneyParks on Twitter

Did you attend Star Wars Celebration and notice the mask mandate not being enforced? Let us know in the comments. 



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