Fan Claims Disney Ride Needs to “Be Scrapped” – “Nothing Interesting” About It

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kali river rapids

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, Kali River Rapids takes Guests on a rip-roaring river adventure past an erupting geyser and gushing waterfalls — but one fan is saying Disney needs to scrap the ride completely because “there’s nothing interesting” about it.

Kali River Rapids
Credit: Disney

First, let’s look at exactly what Kali River Rapids entails. The official Disney World website describes this ride as:

Raft Down a Rip-Roaring River

Skim across an erupting geyser, drift below a canopy of lush vegetation and be whisked along fast-moving rapids. Graze gushing waterfalls and bedrock amid the raging current. Then, as the harmony of nature is disrupted, you’ll plummet down a dramatic 20-foot slope!

You Will Get Wet

You will surely get splashed on this attraction—and you may even get soaked. Guests wishing to remain dry are encouraged to bring a waterproof poncho, extra clothes or a towel to dry off.

Lockers for mobile devices and other items you want to stay dry are located across from the entrance to Kali River Rapids and are available during your ride (on a first-come, first-served basis).

Know Before You Go

Operating hours for Kali River Rapids may vary in cases of inclement weather.

kali river rapids
Credit: Disney

Some fans have voiced that they feel Disney needs to retheme Kali River Rapids in the past, but this topic is coming up once again.

It began when Twitter user DisVacayFamily posted a video of Kali River Rapids, writing:

Disney’s Kali River Rapids is a great water ride! I never hear much about it… but it’s a fun attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

Praise? Criticism? What do you think about Kali?

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To which SonderQuest replied:

The deforestation scene is the best part. Once you go down the big drop, there’s nothing interesting about the ride. I go on this ride once every 10 years. It needs a redesign or just get scrapped altogether.

Disney theme park attractions are known for their immersive storytelling aspect as each individual ride brings Guests on an entirely new adventure. Over at Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom, Guests are brought into the story of Peter Pan as they visit the Darling children’s nursery and fly to Neverland. And when Guests take on Expedition Everest, they feel transported to Asia as they explore a forbidden mountain and encounter a yeti.

But, when Guests climb aboard the raft at Kali River Rapids, many feel as though the storytelling just isn’t executed as well as it could be.

Kali River Rapids
Credit: Disney

At this time, Disney has not announced a retheme for Kali River Rapids nor have they indicated one will come, but Inside the Magic will update you as we get information.

Do you want to see Kali River Rapids rethemed or scrapped? Let us know in the comments below.

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