Fans Devastated, Disney Reportedly One Step Closer to Remaking Walt Disney Classic

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The Walt Disney Company constantly releases new and thrilling tales from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars universe, and a catalog of live-action remakes of beloved animated classics. Now, Disney has reportedly taken one step closure to remake one of Walt Disney’s most beloved animated features.

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Bambi (1942) shocked a World War II-stricken globe when Disney animators put their masterful talents to work and revolutionized Walt Disney’s world of animated masterpieces and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic Disney movies to date, Bambi seems like the film that’s “hands off” and would never be touched after Walt Disney released it.

Walt Disney with deer for making of 'Bambi'
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Nonetheless, new reports confirm that.

A draft of the script, by Lindsey Beer, for the live-action ‘BAMBI’ remake has recently been turned in to Disney.

Screenwriter Lindsey Beer, known for works such as Chaos Walking (2021), the upcoming Barbie (2023) film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and the untitled Star Trek 4, is penning the live-action remake of Bambi.

With a controversial live-action Snow White and The Little Mermaid in the works, Disney is going full-speed with remaking every one of its classic animated features. Now, Bambi is the latest to join Aladdin (2019), Maleficent (2013), and Cinderella (2015) in the live-action world of storytelling.

Aladdin (left) with Genie (right)
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While it’s exciting to see what new magic the Mouse House can bring to the tried-and-true tale of Bambi, fans don’t seem too happy about the news:

Disney needs to stop ruining these classic movies with live action.

Another fan wrote:

Do we really want to see his mom die again? In live action?

Another fan jokingly writes:

If it doesn’t star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, it won’t be great…

With Disney reportedly producing a live-action Lion King 2, Sword in the Stone, and Jungle Cruise 2 (which isn’t animated but worthy of mentioning), every Disney fan has more than enough compelling content to enjoy at the theater over the coming years.

Nonetheless, the main concern about a live-action Bambi remake would be the death of Bambi’s mother — undoubtedly the most horrifying scene from a movie for countless generations and children across the globe.

More about Bambi

In this Disney classic a young deer named Bambi joins his new friends, a rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower, in exploring his forest home. As a boy, he learns from his doting mother and his father, The Great Prince of the Forest, that there are dangers in the open meadows where hunters can spot the animals, and he meets a beautiful young doe named Faline. As Bambi grows up, he learns that there is tragedy as well as beauty and joy in his forest world and on the path to adulthood.

Bambi with Mom from 1942
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The animated classic Bambi stars Donnie Dunagan (Bambi), Peter Behn (Thumper), Paula Winslowe (Bambi’s Mother), and Hardie Albright (Young Bambi).

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