Amusement Park Closes Attraction For Investigation After Boy Falls Into River

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A nine-year-old boy fell into a river on Sunday, May 8th, at Kinta Riverfront Park, in Perak, Malaysia, while riding a free-roaming electric toy car attraction. The Perak government states that increasing the safety of the children’s attraction operations is essential to prevent further incidents.

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) is investigating the incident and is discussing strategies to tighten safety regulations in the area with the help of the Local Government.

Kinta Riverwalk toy car
Credit: Ipoh City Council

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“We have taken note that the incident happened when the boy lost control while riding the electric toy car. We will discuss with MBI the safety risks and actions to be taken, including installing fences,” said Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi, chairwoman for the Local Government. She added that the boy was accompanied by his parents on the day of the incident.

Kinta Riverwalk night
Credit: Ipoh city tourism

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Nolee Ashilin said a preliminary investigation found the incident occurred in a lower lane of the amusement Park, which was not allowed for vehicles for safety reasons. MBI ordered a temporary closure of the children’s electric toy car ride operation, effective Monday, May 9, for further investigation.

The boy was rescued by his parents’ quick action and the help of other Guests who took notice of the situation. A video shared by SAYS shows the group of concerned parents and Guests rushing down to the river shore, trying to help get the boy back to safety before being swept away by the river’s current.

Kinta Riverwalk rescue
Credit: Perak Press

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Fortunately, the boy only sustained minor injuries and was given treatment in an ambulance at the scene. One of the Guests who rushed to help the boy also suffered minor injuries during the rescue and was also treated immediately by paramedics.

Kinta Riverwalk refurbished
Credit: The Star

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The Kinta Riverfront Park, also known as Ipoh Riverfront Park, is a natural Park developed as part of the Kinta Riverfront Project in 2010. When visiting, Guests can enjoy several recreational activities in the spacious Park. The Park offers a beautiful parkland with trees, shrubbery, and water fountains, as well as a recreational pool surrounded by pillars decorated with Islamic domes at the top and connected by crossbeams that splash water down the pool. Guests can also find gardens, perfect for morning workouts and evening jogs or to enjoy a pleasant stroll, as well as several food and beverage stands. Guests can also visit the Park at night to enjoy shows and concerts at a small stage located inside the Park.

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