Guests “Crying In Self Defense” After Drunken Disney Assault, “They Let Him Walk All Over Me”

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big thunder mountain disneyland

Credit: Disney

Recently, several Guests reported seeing a fight breaking out in a queue line for a roller coaster at Disneyland Resort.

big thunder mountain disneyland
Credit: Disney


We were recently contacted by a Guest who claims to be the one assaulted, here is their entire description of what happened the other night:

Hi there, I was the man who was assaulted by the taller drunken dude. My fiance my sister and I were in the disability line waiting to board because she has a torn meniscus + ACL. Someone in the group in front of us let us go ahead of them, as there were 6 of them and 3 of us. We said “ok, great! Thank you.” The drunk lady in their group grabbed my fiance, got in her face, and with her water bottle hit my fiance’s forehead as she told her to not be sarcastic. I came over and said you need to back off (didn’t touch her, I put my arm on my fiance) WE Were physically assaulted by a tall man who was a few people deep. The man came at me aggressively, saying “don’t f*king touch my wife.” No one laid a hand on her. Instead I got punched twice in the face, my fiance’s previous injuries were further aggravated and my sister’s arm got twisted by the man. I was trying to push him away and grab the girls away from the dude who was trying to get at me still and wildly swing at me. Sure the cast members can’t do anything but the point is as he attacked us they didn’t try to escort us away from the aggravators. And the second time I got punched in the face, the cast members let him walk over to me. Security didn’t get there until 2 or 3 minutes after I was hit. I did not feel safe, as I was trying to get away from the man and pull the girls away with me/put them behind me.

There’s more detail I can add but covers the gist of what happened. The people on line who were drunk were laughing at us as if we were the inconvenience to them and everyone else that night. Please respond as I would like to get the story out. I am not sure what to do from here. People will say they saw us going crazy… Well, it’s because we were Crying in self defense and not sure what was going to happen because DISNEY failed to get security on the scene faster.

Big Thunder Moutain
Credit: Disney

While the Disney Parks may seem like a magical place filled with unlimited possibilities, Guests are still required to follow the rules. Fighting is never allowed or tolerated within the Disney Parks and we have seen instances of issues like this in the past, all resulting in Guests getting kicked out after disobeying the rules and regulations of the Resort.

On Reddit, a popular social media discussion site, one Disneyland Guest described seeing a distressing scene last night while in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Incident on Thunder Mountain Rairoad last night (security called)

Was anyone in line at Thunder Mountain Railroad last night and see the fight in line? Looked like two different parties got into a scuffle in line. They were separated to the right of the track and a bunch of white hat security personnel came over. We walked by and it sounds like there was a punch/slap thrown.

Was around 945pm I think…

People do seem stressed – everone try to be kind and support each other!


big thunder mountain disneyland
Credit: Disney

In the comments of the Reddit post, One Guest replied, also recalling the same incident, calling it “crazy”. In the comment section, several other Disneyland Park Guests detailed their experiences with disruptive or rude Guests. One talked about how Spring Break has brought out the worst in Disney Guests in terms of “entitlement“. Another Guest reported a situation where a Guest tried to cut line and switch from the standby line to the line designated for Guests with Lightning Lane passes.

Another Guest recalled a similar situation involving 10 Guests switching lines at Soarin’. Of course, all of these actions are strictly against Disneyland’s rules and regulations, which you can read more about here.

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big thunder mountain disneyland
Credit: Disney
Please be sure to uphold the values of magic as Walt Disney did when you visit the Park, as your actions will not only affect your day but the day of those around you.

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Have you ever encountered a fight at Disney?

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