Disney Guest Aggressively Grabs Donald Duck By the Neck

in Walt Disney World

donald duck

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One TikToker uses her profile to receive direct messages from Cast Members who want to tell their story but do not want to put their name or face out there. She receives several messages and shares them via videos on her profile without saying any names or user names.

In one direct message, a former Disney World Cast Member told a story of how they were once assaulted by a Guest while in character.

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Credit: Screenshot via Annual Shareholders Meeting

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A former Disney Cast Member, who worked as a character performer, used to be friends with various Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy. The Cast Member decided they wanted to tell their story of how they were once assaulted by a Guest, and their manager did nothing about it.

The TikToker read the direct message out loud, without naming names of course as the Cast Member wished to be anonymous. They explained:

“Disney tea from a friend of the ducks and the mice. I was a mouse for 10 years so I have some stories. One time I was hanging out with Donald and he met a boomer couple. He shook the guy’s hand and went to kiss the lady’s hand, [but] the man then grabbed Donald by the neck and lifted him off the ground, ‘telling him no one is allowed to touch his wife’.

Management saw and did nothing… told me to brush it off because sometimes you are quote ‘just going to meet some bad apples’.”

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Credit: Disney

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At the end of the day, this is the Cast Member’s place of work, and it is a family-friendly place of work. If you plan to meet a Disney character at one of the theme parks, please be respectful. Guests who act inappropriately or objectify characters may be asked to leave for the Cast Member’s safety.

Please familiarize yourself with the Disney Park rules prior to visiting. For Walt Disney World’s safety and property rules, visit their website here. For Disneyland’s safety and property rules, visit their website here.

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