All-New California Theme Park Exceeds Disney With Clever Interactive Experience

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Sesame Place in San Diego California

Credit: Sesame Place

Recently opened in San Diego, California, Sesame Place continues to add more interactive experiences around their Park, making Guests wonder if Disney Parks are falling behind.

Sesame Place San Diego entrance
Credit: Sesame Place

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In a recent TikTok video posted by The Theme Parkettes (@themeparkettes), viewers can see how Sesame Place added interactive features to the bubble wands sold at the Park. An already highly demanded item just got a lot better. These wands not only light up and blow bubbles, providing a fun sensory experience for Guests, but they also provide interactive features Guests can enjoy around the Park.

Sesame Place interactive bubble wands
Credit: @themeparkettes on TikTok

Similar to the Harry Potter interactive wands at Universal Studios Hollywood, Guests can look for different windows and locations around Sesame Place, which offer interactive features. These locations are marked with a big sticker, making it easy for Guests to spot, especially younger ones, and when Guests come across one of them, all they have to do is tap their interactive bubble wand on the sticker and enjoy what happens.

Hogsmeade Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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The Theme Parkettes add that the interactive locations don’t always perform the same actions every time, allowing Guests to spend some time activating different actions at the same place. Again, similarly to Universal’s experience, these bubble wands are reusable, and Guests can bring them back into the Park every time they visit.

Sesame place interactive window
Credit: @themeparkettes on TikTok

You can watch the full video down below:

The park already has many interactive play zones and sensory experiences, but the wand adds even more @themeparkettes #sesameplacesandiego #sesameplace @sesameplace #bubblewand #sesamestreet #sesameworkshop


The park already has many interactive play zones and sensory experiences, but the wand adds even more 🪄 @themeparkettes #sesameplacesandiego #sesameplace @sesameplace #bubblewand #sesamestreet #sesameworkshop

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Some viewers commented that it surprised them to see Disney has not caught on to adding similar interactive locations at their Parks while also mentioning the similarities to Universal’s experience at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Others said they were excited to get one of Sesame Place’s interactive wands, even though they’re not kids anymore.

Sesame Street interactive Cookie Monster Bubble wand
Credit: @themeparkettes on TikTok

If Guests were to compare the prices for these bubble wands, being sold for $39.99, and the ones sold at Disney for $26.99, they would note that Sesame Place’s wands are more expensive. Still, considering the interactive features they offer Guests, the difference may be well worth it, especially for Guests with younger children in their party. And if Guests were to compare the prices again with Universal’s interactive Harry Potter wands, currently $59.00, they would find that the price for an Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Abby Cadabby interactive bubble wand is not too unreasonable.

Elmo interactive bubble wand from Sesame Place
Credit: @themeparkettes on TikTok

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Another exciting aspect of this new theme Park is that it is a Certified Autism Center, with sensory guides designed to help parents choose the most suitable attractions and experiences for their children or themselves.

The official website for Sesame Place shares the following regarding this groundbreaking Certification:

Sesame Place San Diego will open as a Certified Autism Center (CAC) as designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Sesame Place San Diego will mirror Sesame Place Philadelphia, which was the first theme park in the world to achieve this designation.

Sesame Place is a Certified Autism Center
Credit: Sesame Place

Staff-wide autism sensitivity and awareness training will be completed prior to the park’s debut, and robust pre-visit planning resources, including a park-specific sensory guide will be featured on its website, making it easier for parents to plan activities that satisfy their child’s specific needs and accommodations.

Designated quiet spaces with comfortable seating will be incorporated into the park’s design.

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Would you or your family visit Sesame Place? What do you think about these interactive bubble wands? Let us know in the comments below!

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