Dangerous Money Scam Uses Disney Job Offers to Claim Victims

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When it comes to scam artists, there have been so many different ways that people who are looking to steal money from others are able to do so. Typically, people are scammed after being convincingly lied to, often regarding winning a prize, or due to an issue ongoing with their bank account or finances. Now, it seems that there is someone looking to steal from others by convincing them they are being offered a job by the Walt Disney Company.

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For many, working for the Walt Disney Company is a dream, so getting a call that you are hired on to work for Mickey Mouse himself is always associated with positivity. But, be sure that you are always certain of where those calls are coming from, and that you can confirm what you are hearing on the phone via email confirmation or more.

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One Disney fan took to the internet to ask others if they thought that this new “job offer” was actually a scam, and no way related to Disney. According to the writer, their sister was told they were accepted into a certain program with Disney, and that her profile and resume were found on Indeed, meaning, she never actually applied. Now, “Disney” is saying they want to send her a check to buy equipment and are telling her to purchase external files from an unknown vendor through Zelle. As one may imagine, this under-the-table style of work is not how Disney conducts their business.

Basically my sister got an email from walt Disney program saying that they got her profile from indeed and then they took an interview via the telegram app, said that they have accepted her, signed a contract and they say that they’d send a check for equipment (very sus) and now they want her to buy some sequence files from an unknown vender through zelle, debit or credit card which will help her in the job as a consept artist and this is where it really hit us so i just want to ask if there is any scam going around thats like this would really appreciate it.

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After taking a read, it seems that many agree that this entire scenario does sound like a big scam. One user responded:

It sounds like a scam to me. I would see if there’s any way to contact Disney and let them know. If it’s a scam, they will want to know. If it’s not a scam, they will help you. Do not, under any circumstances give anyone your credit card or debit card number. You may be able to reach out to indeed for help as well.

I wish you the best and I truly hope that somehow this isn’t a scam, but it definitely sounds like one.

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Job offers are actually a primary method for many who conduct scams like this, so the idea of this job coming through as a potential scam is not out of the ordinary. Another user explained what they thought was going on in terms of the plan behind the scam.

Common scam. She spends the money, but whatever check they send her won’t clear. Even if she gets the check first, it’ll appear as pending but then whatever bank the money is supposed to come from won’t clear the funds and the money will never actually enter her account.

Especially given she’s just supposed to send money to whatever Zelle account they’re linking. That’s not how these things worked.

What “contract” do you possibly think they could send, given it sounds like your sister didn’t ever apply nor sign any documents? The answer is there is no contract.

If she wants to apply she should go through the formal process

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The original poster of the story replied to multiple comments noting that they now understood that this was a scam, and will not be moving forward. Luckily, they were able to likely save a lot of money due to this, however, others may not always be so lucky. If you receive a job offer from The Walt Disney Company without applying, be sure to look finely at the details and what is being asked of you before moving forward.

Have you ever been involved in a scam like this? Let us know in the comments below. 

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