Six Flags Coaster Expected To Reopen After Derailing Mid-Ride

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When visiting any theme Park, you tend to imagine fun rides, delicious junk food, and an overall great time. this is the case most of the time but sometimes things can go wrong.

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The Six Flags brand operates 27 total theme parks which can be found in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. All of the Parks offer amazing thrills and chilling attractions that truly test how brave Guests can be. Last year, however, one Six Flags coaster was shut down after a particularly-frightening incident.

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Six Flags Great Adventure is located in New Jersey and offers some amazing rides and attractions that range from fun to terrifying. Featuring rides like BATMAN The Ride, BIZARRO, and the Jersey Devil Coaster, Guests visiting Six Flags Great Adventure are in no short supply of thrilling experiences. The Park also hosts the jaw-dropping Kingda Ka coaster which opened as the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. However, last year one of the Park’s most impressive coasters was shut down after derailing mid-ride.

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Fortunately, no one was seated in the car that experienced the malfunction. Now, the theme park has announced that the roller coaster will in fact reopen. El Toro, the 19-story tall wooden coaster partially derailed June 29, according to officials. A train on the ride failed to return to the station after it stopped a few yards before the “brake run” and the ride was locked down three minutes later before it was cleared, a report on the incident said:

“El Toro is expected to reopen this spring following extensive testing, inspections, and state certification,” the park said on its Facebook page. Interestlingly, a spokesperson for Six Flags Great Adventure denied the claims of the “partial derailment”, saying the ride’s safety systems “worked as designed”. The spokesperson did confirm the ride “stopped before completing its cycle.”

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Credit: Six Flags

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“El Toro will not reopen until DCA is provided with a report by the ride manufacturer indicating what caused the derailment as well as how to mitigate the issue,” a department spokeswoman told NJ Advance Media in July.

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Credit: Six Flags

More on El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure below:

Bull-taming is an ancient art that is still practiced today. Now you are going to experience the best of the old world and the best of the new. At first glance, El Toro looks like a classic wooden roller coaster, with mind-blowingly complex architecture rising high over the park. But it is in fact built with ultra-modern engineering techniques, so you are going to get that classic feel with a smoother, faster, more exciting ride than those old wooden coasters ever dreamed possible. El Toro is one of the fastest and tallest wooden runs on Earth.

“El Toro” literally means “the bull.” As you feel the power of the bull-like train you’re riding in, you’ll realize how this thriller got its name. This is no peaceful bull—he’s trying to shake you off! This beast bucks wildly so hang on tight!

Ride him up nearly 19 stories to face the first terrifying drop of 176 feet. At a 76 degree angle, that would be the steepest drop of any wooden-style roller coaster in the country. There is a reason El Toro was voted the #1 Wooden Coaster in the World by the 2011 Internet Coaster Poll,  and again in 2017 by Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards, and this is your first clue.
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