VIDEO: Raccoon Comes In Close Proximity With Guests at Disney Pool

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If you are a Guest at Walt Disney World, it’s no secret you will experience one-of-a-kind rides, see unique shows, spot some of your favorite Disney Characters, and more! But what you will also see is wildlife — and no, we aren’t talking about the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Since the theme parks are located outdoors, Guests may come across birds, geese, rabbits, cranes, squirrels, and even raccoons! In the past, we have reported on a bird swooping down and onto a table at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, stealing their mac and cheese as well as a squirrel stealing candy from a gift shop.

More recently, Guests staying at Shades of Green got a visit from a Meeko look-a-like!

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The Shades of Green Resort is an Armed Forces Recreation Center Resort located right on Walt Disney World property. The hotel offers beautiful scenery, cozy rooms, and a one-of-a-kind pool. On a recent stay at Shades of Green, a Disney World Guest was greeted by a Meeko look-a-like, who came in close proximity of the Guests lounging by the pool.

Halle T. captured a video of the raccoon, who ran right past Guests on the edge of the pool. She sent the video to Inside the Magic, which you can see below.

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Halle told Inside the Magic that in addition to the raccoon, they also saw three deer grazing right outside one of their hotel rooms, and two alligators in one of the ponds! “Truly a magical resort,” she said, “and it made me feel like Snow White.”

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Though this video is quite cute, it is important to remember that if you see a wildlife animal, such as a squirrel, inside one of Disney World’s theme parks, please do not touch or feed the animal.

Feeding human food to wild animals is not ideal for their health and artificial food can change animal habits. For the safety of both the Guests and the animals, please refrain from touching or feeding wildlife. And if an animal gets too close, walk away and tell a nearby Cast Member.

What animals have you seen at a Disney Resort before? Let us know in the comments below.

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