Guest Claims This Disney Attraction “Cursed” Their Life

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A family watching "It's Tough to be a Bug" with 3D glasses on.

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Walt Disney World is filled with a number of unique attractions, but depending on your personality and adrenaline levels will depend on which rides are your favorites and which ones you will pass on ever experiencing.

It’s Tough to be a Bug! at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one attraction that a Guest claims “cursed” their life and will never ride again.

It's Tough to be a Bug interior
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One Disney World Guest took to social media to share their experience with the Animal Kingdom attraction, It’s Tough to be a Bug!. If you have never experienced the show, it allows Guests to become “honorary” bugs as they experience a 3D show based on the Disney-Pixar film, A Bug’s Life.

Disney World describes the show as:

Watch an “Off-Bugway” Show

Become an honorary insect as you take your seat in the theater hidden at the base of the Tree of Life and don a pair of “bug eye” glasses. Enjoy a delightful 3D movie and live show hosted by Flik, the loveable ant from A Bug’s Life, and learn how insects survive in the wild.

Bug Out!

During the show, dodge flying quills from a tarantula, feel a harmless spray from a soldier termite and sniff the putrid “defense stench” from a stink bug.

When Hopper—the grasshopper villain from A Bug’s Life—unexpectedly shows up, the theater goes bug-wild!

The moral of the story? It really is tough to be a bug. With dazzling 3D movie effects, Audio-Animatronics figures and in-theater 4D surprises, this is one show you’ll be buzzing about for a long time.

its tough to be a bug
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Well, one Walt Disney World Guest is claiming this attraction has cursed their life as after experiencing It’s Tough to Be a Bug!, they ended up with food poisoning and a flat tire. They explained:

Following my traumatizing experience at this attraction I have received food poisoning from the MCO airport chipotle that I dealt with on the flight home, and I’ve popped a tire on a pothole this morning.

I was expecting something like a 4D theater version of the Ratatouille “Your Friend the Rat” short and I was quickly mistaken, this ride has stolen so much from me already. I’m convinced that it’s because this is the last thing I did in Disney World before leaving, how do I fix my life?

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom
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Another Disney fan hilariously replied with:

You need to collect enough food to leave as an offering for the grasshoppers before the rainy season starts.

With someone else chiming in, jokingly saying:

Go back to WDW and give them all your money….have to pay the ransom to be free of the curse.

Or spit, wipe your hands on your shirt and spin in a circle like they do in Pirates of the Caribbean movie to see if that works.

Tree of Life
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Have you ever been on It’s Tough to be a Bug!? Do you love this attraction? Let us know in the comments below.

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