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A family watching "It's Tough to be a Bug" with 3D glasses on.

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  1. Melanie

    Love this show do not understand how a curse could come out of it. Been several timesl

  2. AH

    Do not ever eat at Chipotle. They have had multiple Nation wide food poisoning incidences. Watched Tough to be a Bug dozens of times and no curse. You cursed yourself by eating at THAT place. Should be reported to the Orlando health department.

    1. Kevin M Sharkey

      Please tell us where Chipolte touched you inappropriately. I eat at Chipolte all the time. Never got sick once. Not even a slight stomach ache.

      1. Jason

        Same here, never gotten sick and I eat Chipotle a few times a month. Not to mention Chipotle supposedly uses all non-GMO ingredients, so it’s literally some of the cleanest healthiest food you can get from a major chain restaurant. Unlike everything being GMO at Disney 🤣

    2. Gale Smith

      Loved Tough to be a Bug. Do not believe in curses.

  3. DMD

    Yet another ITM story taken from a Social Media Post.
    Enough!! This isn’t newsworthy, it’s not even an interesting story.

    And if a guest takes Disney Fun that seriously, they have issues, and it’s not about Disney.

    1. Michael Harbuck

      Exactly takes all kinds wonder if that type of person is on any wanted posters

  4. Micki

    Sadly people will cry and complain about anything these days to get likes on social media. I mean seriously I HATE BUGS and scare easily but still thought it was a fun experience. Chill out people lol.

  5. Melanie Durham

    Really????!!!!! I’m sorry but this attraction will not curse you! They were cursed or whatever from the time they got up until the time they went home!!! Just an excuse!

  6. Daniel Balyasny

    Bro really with this, come on my dude, first off you should know never eat at Chipotle’s at the airport that’s rule one and pay more attention to the road then your cellphone and you would have been able to avoid the potholes. Please stop making excuses for your own stupidity.

  7. Tough to be a bug is not a ride. It’s a super cute show.

  8. Tvnutt

    We went to this a month ago, now have PTSD. Just kidding. But seriously the 4D effects are too intense. Our seven year old daughter was screaming to get out. I refused to sit down on my seat. Never going to this again. Very much like Stitch’s Great Escape. I hate 4D effects like that. I’ll stick with Mickey’s Philharmonic and Muppet 3D.

  9. Hélio

    Many children be scary about those bugs in the theater

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