Disney Dining Plan Has Yet to Return and Fans Are Frustrated

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disney dining plan

Disney Dining Plans are one of the most popular add-on perks to Walt Disney World Resort vacation packages. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Disney paused the Dining Plan; however, in June of last year they confirmed the Disney Dining Plan would return.

Now, we are in February of 2022 and have yet to see the Dining Plan make its comeback, and it has Guests frustrated.

disney dining plan
Credit: Disney

In case you aren’t familiar, the Disney Dining Plan allows families to prepay for their sit-down meals, quick service meals, and snacks so they can enjoy their Disney World vacations with less financial stress.

The official description of the Disney Dining Plan reads:

Delight in classic dining options and enjoy a mix of Quick-Service and Table-Service restaurants. You’ll dine at one of each every day (per night of stay), so you can easily plan your meals with the rest of your vacation fun!

Disney Dining Plan
Credit: Disney

Now, months after Disney confirmed its return, Guests have yet to see the Disney Dining Plan come back and they are not happy.

Disney fan Mario Tweeted out:

There are many reasons for staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, this was just one of them

They need to reintroduce more of the benefits to entice me back, starting with Disney Dining Plan 😋🥂🍾

Mario also said, in a separate Tweet:

We need Disney Dining Plan, otherwise there is no point staying in a resort hotel, especially at the additional costs charged for car parking

If you want it to happen, you need to make it happen 🧚💫

Another Disney fan feels as though the Parks are charging more and offering less, saying:

While I agree with this, Disney has always excelled at getting money out of your pockets and making you feel like you got the better end of the deal. The dining plan is the perfect example of this. Lately it feels like it’s more obvious they are charging more but offering less

And Katie Tweeted to Disney World, saying:

@DisneyParks @WaltDisneyWorld
Any word on the Disney Dining Plan? It would be wonderful if you could just release a potential date that it is returning instead of just ‘sometime in 2022’.

At this time we do not have an exact date as to when the Disney Dining Plan will return, but Inside the Magic will update you as we get information.

Do you hope to see the Disney Dining Plan return soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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