Test Track Could Have Gone 95 mph, But Florida Law Prohibited It

in Walt Disney World

test track

Credit: Disney

Test Track is a high-speed, thrilling attraction located at EPCOT in Walt Disney World that allows Guests to create their own virtual concept car and then “take it” out for testing to see how it holds up in inclement weather, around curves, up hills, and more (including going up to 65 mph outside!)

But did you know that Disney Imagineers actually had originally planned the attraction to hit 95 mph, but Florida law wouldn’t allow it?

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Test Track
Credit: Disney

Disney Imagineers really wanted to take the speed to the highest level and have Guests hit 95 mph on Test Track, but due to some safety concerns, and Florida law speed limits, Disney did not move forward with this and instead stuck to the 65 mph that Guests are able to experience today.

We cannot imagine going 95 mph on Test Track as our adrenaline rises when we hit 65 mph, but that certainly would have made for a “thrilling” experience.

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More on Test Track

Test Track cars
Credit: Disney

If you have never been on this thrilling EPCOT ride, the official Walt Disney World website describes Test Track as:

Cruise over to the gleaming Chevrolet Design Center to create your own virtual concept car. When you’re done, buckle up in a 6-passenger “SIM Car” and take it for an exhilarating spin on the test track.

Rev through rough terrain and obstacles along the winding circuit. Accelerate through straightaways, maneuver switchbacks through inclement weather, hug curves banked at 50-degree angles and scale hills up to 3 stories high.

Reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour as you put your car through its paces. After each test, check the scoreboard to see how your vehicle performed!

test track
Credit: Disney

Did you know that Test Track was originally going to hit 95 mph? Let us know in the comments below.

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