‘Harry Potter’ Friends Land On Build-A-Bear & We Want Them All!

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Build-A-Bear Harry Potter Collection

Images Credit: Build-A-Bear / Insider.com (Harry Photo)

Ok, Harry Potter fans! With the holidays right around the corner, we have the perfect items for all your Harry Potter loving friends, family… or even simply to treat yourself with. Build-A-Bear has launched a new Harry Potter collection and special friends have arrived that we simply can’t pass up.

Build-A-Bear Dobby
Credit: Build-A-Bear

Ok, we must start with Dobby our very favorite House-Elf. And yes, this adorable Build-A-Bear Dobby is holding a sock which makes it all the cuter. The Online Exclusive DOBBY™ with 6-in-1 Sounds is currently available for $42 plus tax and shipping with the description, “DOBBY™ the House-Elf was always there for HARRY POTTER™ and his friends—and now he’ll always be there for you too! With his large ears, adorable eyes, and pointy nose, this plush toy looks just like the beloved House-Elf from the HARRY POTTER™ series. He comes wearing his brown pillowcase and a grey sock on his paw to remind everyone that he has no master—DOBBY™ is a free elf! DOBBY™ also includes a 6-in-1 sound chip so you can hear some of his signature sayings at the press of his paw.”

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Build-A-Bear Hedwig
Credit: Build-A-Bear

The beloved Hedwig has also soared into Build-A-Bear! The HEDWIG™ with HOGWARTS™ Acceptance Letter is available for $38.00 plus tax and shipping with the description, “The most magical surprises always arrive by owl post! The loyal HEDWIG™ is sure to delight any young witch or wizard with the personalized HOGWARTS™ acceptance letter she carries in her beak. This enchanting gift set is sure to make any HARRY POTTER™ fan’s spirits soar!”

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Credit: Build-A-Bear

And yes, even Buckbeak makes an appearance! The Online Exclusive BUCKBEAK™ is available for $40 plus tax and shipping. Build-A-Bear goes on the describe Buckbeak with, “Now you can take to the skies with you very own BUCKBEAK™! A magical beast that’s half eagle and half horse, this beloved HIPPOGRIFF™ has grey fur, soft plush claws, and a fuzzy tail. It’s the perfect companion for Care of Magical Creatures class or any magical adventure ahead!”

Harry with Buckbeak
Credit: WizardingWorld.com

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While these furry friends will be jumping into our shopping carts now, there are a few more Harry Potter gifts available. For example, Build-A-Bear has a Harry Potter Bear that shoppers can purchase and add a house robe complete with Hogwarts crest featuring Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw, and includes bear sized wands! The addition of the wand and scarf with house colors is just too perfect. Check out the full Build-A-Bear Harry Potter collection available here.

Which of these Harry Potter friends are you adding to your collection?

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