Universal’s Jab at Disney Backfires as Fans Defend the Mouse

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If you have been on Universal Orlando Resort’s social media accounts in the past, you know that they can get rather cheeky, especially on Twitter.

universal orlando resort
Credit: Universal

The theme park’s social media team does an excellent job at commenting on relevant news that is being discussed by many, as well as cracking jokes about the theme park community. One of their go-to snappy comments often tends to be targeted at Disney. Considering the two theme parks are always in constant competition with each other, it is no surprise to see Universal give Disney a friendly jab.

universal orlando resort
Credit: Universal

That being said, it seems a recent Tweet did not have the same outcome. Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalORL) recently poked fun at Disney’s new ride, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, for not using actual fire in their attraction and screens instead. Well, considering Universal utilizes screens on a large amount of their attractions, the responses to the Tweet made sure that everyone was reminded of that.

Them: screens and hot air. 

Instantly, fans started commenting on how Universal uses screens all of the time!

Chris Moschella (@escauthority) said:

Do you ever stop to ask yourselves if you’re *really* in a position to criticize the over-use of screens in a theme park?

remy's ratatouille adventure
Credit: Disney

Spellbound Elizabeth (@dreamingstar213) said:

How many of your attractions are screen based again?

F&F, Kong, two potter rides, Spiderman, transformer, Simpsons + a couple more

Gratuitous Disney Memes (@GratDisMemes) jokingly said:

Everyone, listen up! The screens park has something to say.

Organ (@its_organme) chimed in:

I love Universal. But do they really think they are in a position to clown anybody about rides with screens?

The Tweets continue with a similar tone of Guests reminding Universal that they have many attractions at both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Of course, all of the comments are in good fun, and perhaps Universal even anticipated the backlash as the theme park utilizing screens for many of their attractions is an ongoing topic of discussion!

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