HUGE Mansion Abutting Disney World Property Sells For Record Price

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Lake Mabel Mansion

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To the HGTV lovers, Orlando’s real estate market sure has a treat for you. A mansion abutting Disney property in Orlando, FL, has sold for $12.5 million, setting a record for the most money a home has ever sold for in Orange County.

Mabel Lake Mansion
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In a story covering the sale of the 16,000 square foot mansion, the Orlando Business Journal spoke to listing agent Karan Wienker as she described the shock of the record breaking sale:

“It’s not just a feather in our cap…This is a freaking plume.”

The property itself has 12.9 acres of land (which abuts property owned by Disney that has yet to be developed) and covers 16,000 square feet with mansion. Included in the 12.9 acres is a lakeside view complete with a dock, as the mansion is also bordered by Lake Mabel.

Lake Mabel Mansion Dock
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Inside the mansion, you are greeted by an oversized grand staircase that flows into a living room fit for a queen.

Lake Mabel Mansion Staircase
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The mansion continues to wow anyone lucky enough to step foot inside with several beautiful pieces of art hanging on the walls.

Lake Mabel Mansion Artwork
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If you find yourself hungry while within the walls of this stunning mansion, don’t feel bashful as the oversized kitchen complete with a walk in pantry welcomes you to cook up anything your rumbly tummy may desire.

Lake Mabel Mansion Kitchen
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Speaking to the Orlando Business Journal, realtor Patricia France who represented the lucky buyers stated that:

The buyer was drawn to the home’s privacy and waterfront locale. The home sits on a 12.9-acre lot and borders conserved, undeveloped land owned by The Walt Disney Co., giving the home further seclusion. However, the home still only is a five-minute drive from retail, schools and other amenities. Plus, the estate sits six miles from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

“Sometimes pictures are nice, and the property’s not how you envisioned it…This one was perfect.”

Lake Mabel Mansion Game Room
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Included inside the mansion is a spectacular two story library that has earned Belle’s approval. This library comes with a spiral staircase and a gorgeous view out of the floor to ceiling windows.

Lake Mabel Mansion Library
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Complete with an extra large backyard, the remainder of the mansion comes with a pool, garden, patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, full bar, nine bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, and exquisite indoor and outdoor living spaces as seen above.

Lake Mabel Mansion Backyard
Credit: Karan Wienker vis

Living just six miles away from Disney attractions is a dream come true for those lucky enough to snag a home in the area. Many others are still wishing upon a star for their lucky signing day. These home buyers certainly got their wish granted and seem to have many magical years ahead of them in this record breaking mansion.

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