Disney Fans Can Now Meet Real-Life Mermaid Ariel!

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Credit: Disney (left) People (right)

If you have always wanted to meet Ariel while she is swimming in the water doing her mermaid thing, we may have just found the real-life version of the Disney princess.

ariel kiss the girl
Credit: Disney

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Of course, you can meet Ariel when you go to Disney World, Disneyland, or many of the other Disney Parks around the globe. From parade floats to cavalcades to character dining, and meet and greets, there are many opportunities to say hello to the red-headed mermaid with legs! But, when you’re at the park, typically you meet human Ariel, or, if its mermaid Ariel, she cannot move. Now, there is a way you can watch another red-headed mermaid spin in the “sea” just as Ariel did!

Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid
Credit: Disney

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People (@people) recently posted a video of Sabrina, who works as a performer in an aquarium in Nashville, Tennessee! As you can see in the video below, Sabrina is able to move through the water effortlessly, waving to Guests and interacting with them all while under water! It may not be a Disney Park, but the green fins with the purple top and red hair remind us of a certain Disney character…

Sabrina said spoke about the best thing that comes with being a mermaid, “My favorite thing about being a mermaid it that I have seen it bring joy to families”. When in the tank Sabrina moves just as a mermaid would and takes her time interacting with Guests. She blows them kisses, tells them she loves them through gestures, and never leaves immediately, which makes me wonder how long she can hold her breath for!

ariel disney world
Credit: Disney

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This is truly unique experience for those who get to see Sabrina move through water, now, we just need the aquarium to play “Part of your World” while she swirls around the water and it will be like we are watching Ariel in real time! Although the video did not state it, this likely took place at Mystic Mermaids, which is an aquarium in the area that does exactly this! Click here to learn more. 

What do you think of Sabrina? Does she remind you of The Little Mermaid as well? 

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