Fans React to Disneyland’s Witty Tweet, Poking Fun at Universal

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Original Tweet

Credit: Screenshot via Disneyland Resort Twitter

Twitter has been engulfed into a frenzy thanks to a witty quote tweet by the official Disneyland Twitter account.

disneyland sleeping beauty castle
Credit: Inside the Magic

On Thursday, Disneyland Twitter account sent out a sneaky quote Tweet responding to the Orange County Register report of Universal Studios Hollywood costing an estimated 10 times more per attraction than Disneyland.

The original Tweet reads:

We are thrilled to continue our phased reopening and welcome Guests back to the Happiest Place on Earth with returning favorites, new experiences and lasting magical memories. #MagicisHere
Universal Studios Hollywood costs nearly 10 times more per ride than Disneyland, report says

The comeback from Disneyland came as an unexpected shock as the company typically doesn’t share Tweets like this. Many fans online thought it was a mistake. The Universal Parks and Resorts are more well-known for poking fun at Disney Parks on Twitter, and Disney usually doesn’t do the same.

Even being in a state of shock, the Twitter community did not disappoint, as their reactions authentically depict the general shock from Disneyland‘s Tweet. Some fans said the Tweet made them do a double take, just to be sure it actually came from a Disney account. Others, especially those who typically follow Universal Orlando’s Twitter activity, couldn’t get enough of Disneyland‘s sly remark.

We’ve shared a handful of the responses below.

Alea Cabri posted a picture of the famed quote Tweet with the caption:

what in the fever dream

Amanda Coleman also jabs at the confusion caused by the Tweet saying:

On the one hand, I’m amazed that this is the official Disneyland Resort twitter. Must be upside down day.

Jake and Destroy Tweeted a comeback in a reply to Disneyland that said:

I don’t think y’all meant to tweet this…

Park Journey took the opportunity to share a comeback with Disneyland over the ongoing tram situation:

At least @UniStudios has a working tram.

Mark Allen adds to the fun of haunting Disneyland with tram Tweets:

Parking Trams

Parking Trams

Parking Trams

Parking Trams

Parking Trams

D.J Jones Tweeted:

That’ll show em.


Kevin Del Mundo also takes a jab at Disneyland, surprised at the quote tweet:

Not Disneyland throwing shade

Although we do see theme parks take jabs at each other occasionally, this one was certainly surprising as the context of Disneyland’s response was not really expected from fans. Even though the Tweet was a surprise to many, Disneyland did a great job at making people laugh and smile for just a minute during their day.

Did you see this viral Tweet? What was your reaction? Tell us in the comments! 

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