You Can Live In a Millennium Falcon-Inspired Mansion For $11.5 Million!

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A mansion that has recently been put on the market in Kissimmee, FL for $11.5 million has caught the eye of many Star Wars fans.

The impressive house, located just minutes away from the Disney World Parks, boasts 17,694 square feet, including 15 bedrooms, and 19 bathrooms.

Mansion front
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

What has really caught the attention of would-be buyers (and every fan of a galaxy far, far away), is the mansion’s Star Wars themed rooms. There are several spaces that have incredible galactic theming, including several bedrooms and an entertainment room complete with Han Solo frozen in carbonite on the door.

One space, clearly modeled after the interior of Solo’s Millennium Falcon, has 12 bunk beds that look like they should be on the Galactic Starcruiser instead of in a house.

Bedroom 1 Star Wars
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

Another room is themed like it is straight out of Naboo filled with stunning gold accents.

Bedroom 2
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

In the bedrooms, you can also find the designer’s attention to detail as statues of Rey, Grogu, and prequel trilogy battle droids stand guard throughout the area.

Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow
Rey Statue
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow
Battle droids
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

Moving out of the bedrooms, we find an incredible movie theater that may just convert you to the dark side with its cushy reclining theater seats and bean bag chairs. The theatre is also set up for gaming consoles, leaving whoever buys this incredible residence all set for a night of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Movie Theatre
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

As you leave the theater, be sure to look behind you as Han Solo frozen in carbonite greets you on your way out!

Han Solo Carbonite
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

To continue this incredible theming, the walls of part of the mansion have been remodeled to reflect a long corridor leading to Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.

Darth Vader Hallway
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

As you enter the room after getting Darth Vader’s approval, you will find immaculate theming and statues of popular Star Wars characters including General Grievous that guide you along your journey through the corridors.

Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

The theming continues as guests exit the Star Wars wing of the mansion and enter reality into the rest of the incredibly designed space. The remainder of the mansion includes several modern and sleek living spaces. Included in those spaces are several more large bedrooms and bathrooms, a poker table, a basketball court, a golf simulator, a two-lane bowling alley, arcade games, a small library/home office, a gym, a large living room, and a bar to share a few.

Not only is this mansion Star Wars themed, but it is also fully equipped for the owner and his or her guests to play laser tag across the entire mansion.

Other amenities this mansion includes are an in-home spa and sauna.

Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

There are also triple washing and drying machines in the laundry room.

Triple washer and dryer
Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

And, last but not least, the property has a massive backyard including an entertainment space, a large pool with a waterslide, and a lazy river.

Credit: TJ Cosgrove via Zillow

This mansion has caught a lot of attention on the internet and fans of the home have been constantly stating their reactions to seeing the Star Wars-themed property.

One fan of the mansion joked about the laundry room stating:


Another fan jokes about purchasing the home against both her budget and mother’s will:

mom i’m so sorry i’m about to make the worst financial decision of my life

— Kailee Carroll (@carroll_kailee) October 18, 2021

All around, this mansion has a little bit of everything for buyers looking in this price range. Recently, another mansion sold nearby for the highest price recorded in Orange County while other themed homes have popped up here and there. This home will certainly not disappoint the average Star Wars or Disney fan and it will be interesting to see how long this property lasts on the market.

What are your thoughts about this Star Wars-themed mansion? Would you love to live here? Tell us in the comments!

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