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When Guests come to Disney World, they often may assume they are in for a G-rated experience as the Most Magical Place on Earth is flooded with young ones. In terms of the offerings provided by Disney, the overall experience is always inclusive of all ages, without anything inappropriate on display (we will give some of the Country Bear Jam Jamboree jokes a pass on this one).

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Recently, Disney fans have been speaking out on the types of clothing that should be allowed at Walt Disney World. Depending on your choice of apparel, if deemed inappropriate, whether it be too revealing or displaying certain slogans or graphics, Cast Members may approach certain Guests and provide them with the option of picking another shirt from one of the stores in the Park, compliments of Disney.

The current,  which was over a couple’s matching set of shirts which read “I wanted the D” on one and “I gave her the D” on the other, using the classic Disney font. Of course, the shirt set has a much more adult-humored meaning that many believe did not belong in the theme park that exudes purity and magic. As we reported, many fans noted that this style of shirt, in terms of crude sayings, should be banned from Disney as a whole.

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Now, it seems that others have been wearing the same shirt style for years, but Disney is beginning to really crackdown. Gratuitous Disney Memes (@GratDisMemes) posted a photo of a Guest who posted their story on a public forum. In the photo, we can see the shirt reads “She wants the D,” similar to the shirts we previously discussed above. In the post, the Guest states:

So after wearing this shirt for over 2 years during our Disney World trips, today my husband and I got kicked out! This is ridiculous. If your child understands the joke, then it’s your parenting that should be judged not my shirt. People are too sensitive! 

Off the top, although the Guest notes they were “kicked out,” they were likely offered another alternative, such as picking a new shirt for free. Of course, if Guests do not comply, Disney is private property and has the ability to create whatever rules and regulations that govern who is allowed to enter their Park. Since we were not present to see this incident occur, we cannot confirm how or why the Guest was “kicked out.”

As we previously saw with the comments on the other inappropriate slogan shirts, Disney fans were not happy to see that more Guests were wearing these kinds of shirts and questioned the validity of the Guest being “kicked out.”

Incredi-Derick (@esplanerd) stated:

To think that she’s been wearing this every time, for two years, to all of her Disney trips. Let that sink in. Like, it’s not even that funny the first time.

Skjell (@skjell) noted that they would not have made a big deal about the shirt but would have been uncomfortable if their children read it and began asking questions.

My kids are all grown – If they had seen it when they were little, my issue would have been if they asked me what it meant. I never liked lying to my kids. Would I have complained to CM’s about it? No

Ariel Wilson (@arielrwilson) was not happy to see the shirt on display.

These are the people that make we not want to go to Disney at all – kid or not.

Gabriel (@gabeisherenow) thinks this took the joke too far.

Im all for pushing the limits a bit. Its just not that funny/clever.

Reagan Rayden (@ReaganRayden) thinks it is time for a new shirt.

Honestly after two years it’s time for them to get some new material.


Aussierobbo and the Englishgent (@robboandgent) noted that the shirt was not only crude but, like others have mentioned, will force parents to have to answer questions as to what it may mean.

They don’t grasp that first of all it’s just crude and beyond tasteless. But more so it’s not a case that kids will understand it, but instead they will question what it means in a place that’s supposed to be an innocent and safe place

As many in the thread continued to question the validity of the Guest’s statement of being “kicked out,” one Twitter user spoke up on their experience after wearing a shirt deemed inappropriate and admitted that they were never kicked out. Below, you can see how Bobby J (@Tomorrowland_98) responded.

I once wore a shirt to Disneyland that got past the front gate, and most of the day. It was well into the day before a Cast Member asked me to turn it inside out, or change…Picture for reference purposes.

We also have reported on other Guests wearing shirts that were deemed inappropriate by Disney, and those Guests ended up receiving a free spirit jersey (which was picked on their own accord in replacement of their current shirt) and not kicked out. 

Before arriving at any Disney Park, be sure that you know you are entering private property that is meant to create a family-friendly fantastical world. If your attire is deemed inappropriate, Disney can refuse your entry into the Park.

Per both the Disney World and Disneyland websites:

We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.

What do you think of Guests wearing shirts of this nature to Disney? Let us know in the comments below. 



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