Gender Neutral Title Added to My Disney Experience

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For a long while now, Disney Guests have been asked to add some sort of title to their name as they add friends and family to their Disney vacation plans. Quietly, Disney has added a new courtesy title to the My Disney Experience app for those wishing to avoid traditionally gendered options.

Gender Neutral Title Added to My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is a fantastic planning tool that Walt Disney World Resort theme park Guests can use to plan their vacations. As you create your profile or add new friends and family to your vacation planning crew, you’re asked to fill out a basic information form that includes name, age, birthday, and courtesy titles/suffixes.

My Disney Experience App

Previously, Disney Guests were able to choose from Mr., Mrs., Miss, Mstr., and Dr. in the Disney app. These traditional options are gendered and left some vacationers feeling compromised in gender identity, or lacking in authentic self. With Disney’s new inclusivity key and diversity efforts for gender expression within the company, we are now starting to see more efforts added to the Guest side of the stage.

Newly added is an “Mx.” title for those either not wishing to express gender or those that identify with being non-binary. Mx. is a common courtesy title that is recognized by organizations and governments around the world, such as the UK. If you are unsure of someone’s gender (perhaps with a name like Jordan or Taylor) you can use the honorific Mx. and be sure not to offend anyone.

Mx. non-binary title added to My Disney Experience
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To choose the Mx. courtesy title or to change your options, simply log into My Disney Experience and go to “Friends and Family.” Here, you can select a party member, and change their Title to one that is most pleasing. Travel Agents also have the option to correct titles in their system or choose Mx. when creating a new profile.

gender neutral title added to My Disney Experience
Credit: ITM/ MDX

Just a couple of years ago, The Walt Disney Company announced a perfect score of 100 for LGBTQ workplace equality on the 2019 Corporate Equality Index. Given the company’s growing reputation for employee wellness and equality, we’re not surprised that this new addition to My Disney Experience has arrived.

Who do you know that would be excited about the new courtesy title option for their Walt Disney World Vacation? Leave us a comment below!

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