Comments for Gender Neutral Title Added to My Disney Experience

mickey and minnie disney world 50th outfits

Credit: Disney


  1. Joseph Kastner

    Oh thank God

  2. Jan

    How awesome!! Way to go DIsney!

  3. Y.

    Guess this is proof we don’t have any real problems if this is the sort of thing we worry about.

    1. Sue

      🙄. What is next. Bc we don’t want to offend anyone.

    2. Christina

      Just because this doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean it’s not important. You are spewing the fallacy of relative privation also.

  4. James

    You can mentally identify as a tree for all I care, but scientifically there is only male or female. Stop enabling mental disorders.

    1. Barb304

      I agree. You are what you are born!

    2. Ken Brenner

      Thank you James, concur strongly!

  5. Sue

    Mr. Walt Disney, brother Roy and their sons are all rolling in their graves as the Walt Disney World Company continue falling down the rabbit whole.
    There is a reason behind why Walt Disney had certain rules in place and before you become a cast member you are told these rules and must sign them; you don’t like it don’t work there.
    As for the guest, we, ALL OF US, are either male or female and no matter what you do you can’t change it. Disney needs to stop catering to this minority.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Thank you Sue, I agree completely!

  6. Ken Brenner

    Disney World used to be a place where we could go to get away from the problems of the world and just enjoy a simple, innocent, and “magical” place.
    Starting with last May/June, the Wokers and PC crowd started their minority chants about Splash Mountain, and now Disney feels it must replace it. Splash is one of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular and fun attractions. And with it being about animals, there is no nor can there be anything about racism in this ride (it was never mentioned prior to last May/June). Yet, the few loud Wokers and whatevers make waves. The same goes for this gender identification mess. God made man and woman, that’s it (from a human perspective). This horrible perversion should not be allowed to find its way into WDW. But, all such things as I’ve mentioned are not only being recognized by WDW, but promoted. It shows us how dangerous a few, well-placed “unfortunates” can ruin what was once a wonderful place to escape such divisive topics. Sad, very sad…

  7. wow

    Stop already Disney! You’re looking stupid.

    1. Mark

      Hey Wow, Disney has been looking bad for a while. It will get worse I’m sure. I expect quality people working there and going there for what I pay, NOT a freak show. Also, the world needs to quit catering to freaks. They’re .0001%. If you’re confused about what you are, look down your pants. You either have one or you don’t

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