Dwayne Johnson Loses Highest-Paid Influencer Status to Famous Athlete

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Dwayne Johnson

Credit: The Rock Instagram

If you are on social media, you likely have noticed that the world has moved towards a new marketing angle where people with influence, AKA a lot of followers, are paid to promote products or experiences so that other companies can get a higher outreach and more exposure.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Credit: The Rock Instagram

Not only do we see this done with people who are solely social media influencers, but actors as well. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an incredibly famous individual. The WWE star is also an actor and producer, and has grown up with generations of people, and continues always to insert himself in current projects so that everyone knows him, no matter how old they are.

Dwayne Johnson
Credit: The Rock Instagram

On Instagram, Dwayne goes as The Rock (@therock) and has a whopping 275 million followers. Until recently, Dwayne was the most high-paid celebrity when it came to influencer marketing but has now lost the title. As reported by Just Jared:

The “Instagram Rich List” features the biggest names in Hollywood, and last year’s list featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the number one spot, followed by Kylie Jenner at number 2. This year, Dwayne is at number 2 and Kylie has been bumped back to number 4!

According to the site, Johnson can charge $1,523,000 for a single Instagram post! You would think that there is no way someone else could charge more than that, but there is. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has always been popular on social media, and now his 322 million+ following is getting him paid massive amounts. Ronaldo is able to charge thousands more than Johnson, with an average post cost of $1,604,000!

dwayne johnson in jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

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That being said, Johnson’s standing isn’t anything to be shy about, as it is still an incredible amount of money. This is the second time this year that Johnson has been dethroned from a “highest-paid” position as 007 actor Daniel Craig stole Johnson’s title as highest-paid actor for a single film.

Are you shocked that Dwayne Johnson can make millions from posting Instagram photos? 


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