Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Were Scolded by Disney For Making Perverse Jokes

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emily blunt (left) and dwayne johnson (right) on jungle cruise set

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This past year has been a wild ride for the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to Disney+. Although the platform has dramatically taken off as shows continue to draw in subscribers, the theatrical release sector of the Walt Disney Company has suffered in comparison.

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As the pandemic still has some viewers not wanting to visit a theater or viewers that now prefer to watch a film at home, Disney has had to adapt. Disney’s Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt, was a film that many were excited to see after the 2020 release was pushed back to 2021. The film debuted both on Disney+’s Premier Access and theaters with great success, despite the conditions, and is now looking to film a sequel.

jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

However, it seems that when Johnson and Blunt were on set, the two were a little more than PG-13 in their conversations. It appears that the two were scolded by Disney for the way they answered a question during a press tour after replying to a question with a more perverse response. As reported by Screenrant: 

During the press tour for the film, the two actors were asked what items they would take into the jungle with them. Johnson suggested that Blunt bring Vagisil, to which Blunt replied that Johnson should bring anal beads. While the moment made for a funny interview, Disney called them soon after to suggest toning down their explicit banter. Of the incident, Blunt said:

jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

“I can’t tell you how quick we got those calls: ‘We really love your chemistry and what you guys are doing—but can we dial it back a little bit on the anal beads?'”

It’s safe to say that the topic of conversation did not come up again for the two actors, at least, not in front of the press! Both Johnson and Blunt will return for Jungle Cruise 2 as Skipper Frank Wolff and Dr. Lily Houghton. 

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