Disney Park Unveils Massive Change to Castle After Being Hidden For Months

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Credit: DLP Report via Twitter

If you are a Disneyland Paris fan, get ready because Sleeping Beauty Castle is nearly ready to be revealed!

For the past little while, Disneyland Paris has been refurbishing their castle. Of course, seeing boxes no matter how beautiful the artwork on them is over a castle at Disney is never the preferred option. Still, it was necessary to ensure that the castle was able to get the refurbishment it needed. 

Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary
Credit: Natasha Rafalski on Instagram

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Slowly, we have seen parts of the castle revealed, as the scaffolding and facade from construction would be removed from the top spires. Now, DLP Report (@DLPReport) has shared photos of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and she is almost entirely uncovered! As you can see in the below photos, the scaffolding is now gone from the left side of the hill, allowing Guests to see the castle’s vibrant colors and great structure!

At Sleeping Beauty Castle, scaffolding is down on the left side of the hill!

In every Disney Park with a castle that is the most photographed area in the Park. For example, at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, Cinderella Castle is the most popular photo spot. That is why it is so important that Disneyland Paris has been able to continue to complete this refurbishment in such a timely manner.

If you want a closer look at the new castle, take a look at the below photos, which really highlight the detail added.

Taking a closer look at the left side of Sleeping Beauty Castle, unveiled today! Love the pink security cam, very Sharpay Evans

We can also see that wooden stairs have returned to the castle, which is interesting as previously, we saw those same stairs removed due to safety concerns.

The wooden stairs have returned on the Castle Courtyard side of Sleeping Beauty Castle. They had been removed some years ago over safety concerns.

Overall, this castle looks like it is going to be a jaw-dropping masterpiece!

What do you think of the new Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris?

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