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One of Walt Disney World Resort’s newest shows, Harmonious, has recently debuted, and many Guests have mixed emotions. Some love the new show, while others are not as big of a fan of the IP-driven music. That being said, there is one fan-favorite IP missing from the show that some Guests are craving to see.

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If you are a fan of Tangled, you will be sad to know that Harmonious does not showcase music from the show. The music in the show is culturally driven, and it seems that Tangled did not make the cut. Previously, Guests were able to hear Tangled music in Happily Ever After. Still, now that Disney Enchantment, the new Magic Kingdom firework show, also removed Tangled music from the show, fans are not able to see the light!

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That being said, it seems a few fans are looking to see if they could make a change. A petition was started to add Tangled music into Harmonious recently on Change.org. The petition states:

“On September 29th, 2021, Epcot debuted the replacement to Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, and…, it seemed to be a great show, but unfortunately it was missing one film from the collection that had numbers of Hunchback, Princess and the Frog, Mulan, etc., it was the 2010 fan favorite Tangled, and boy who on earth was okay to exclude a film that’s more popular than freakin Brave that’s in the show, so could you please sign this petition to bring Tangled to Harmonious and replace the entire Brave scene, because it doesn’t make any sense to include Merida and Tiana without Rapunzel, or at least include “I See the Light” in the opening number alongside “Go the Distance”, “Circle of Life”, and the opening theme from Frozen with the lanterns from that song number”

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Tangled, although overshadowed by other films when it was released, was a huge success with audiences and critics, and is easily one of Disney’s best fairytale films right next to Beauty and the Beast & Cinderella, I See the Light is an unforgettable song from the film that managed to get an Oscar nod for Best Song, among others is far more popular than Brave ever was.

Bob Cheapskate Chapek made a major mistake for NOT including Tangled onto Epcot’s Harmonious, let’s change it for the best.”

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The petition created by Ryan S. was just started, and if you would like to sign, you can click here. However, the reality of the situation is that Disney will likely not make any significant changes to Harmonious as the current show took years to program. But, signing the petition could prove how strong of a fan base Tangled has, which could be beneficial for future shows. Of course, there is no clear chance that Disney would see the petition, but the potential is always there.

Personally, I will find it interesting to see if this petition gets any traction, as others may feel the same!

What do you think is missing from Harmonious? Let us know in the comments below! 


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