Water Spurts Out of the Ground at Universal as Heavy Rainfall Fills Drains 

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Depending on what time of year you visit Orlando, there may be more rainfall than you expect! The summer months cause rain almost daily. The good thing about Florida rain is that it typically does not last long. The bad thing is that Florida proves the saying “when it rains, it pours” very true. We have previously reported flooding at Walt Disney World Resort due to heavy rainfall, but does Universal Orlando Resort escape this fate?

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At Universal Orlando Resort, it seems that depending on where you are during a treacherous downpour, you could not only have the water pouring onto you but also spurting back up! Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstuct) posted a video in Islands of Adventure right by the Jurassic World VelociCoaster raptor paddock. As we can see, it seems that water is coming up through the ground.

Video: Heavy rain introduces a fountain to Jurassic Park

As we can see, there is a drain system near the mini fountains, which may be so backed up from the heavy rain causing the water to come back up through the cracks in the floor. Of course, this is just speculation, but it does seem plausible with such a small drain. Lucky for Universal, a lot of their land does not tend to collect water as easily as some Disney theme parks, such as Magic Kingdom. 

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No matter what theme park you are heading to, I recommend wearing a comfortable pair of waterproof sandals. If you choose to wear running shoes, it is always a good idea to keep a slim pair of sandals in your bag if rainfall occurs because there is nothing worse than spending your day at Disney or Universal with soaking wet socks and shoes!

Have you ever noticed water spurting back out of the ground like this at Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments below. 

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