Disney Forms TRON Coaster Entrance as Construction Ramps Up

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Credit: Bioreconstruct

If there is one attraction at Walt Disney World Resort that seems to have never-ending construction, it is TRON Lightcycle/Run. The Magic Kingdom attraction has been under construction for a long time, which has not only kept Guests on the edge of their seats with anticipation, but also, has left the Walt Disney World Railroad attraction closed as the tracks were moved for the ride, and now, are in a construction zone.

tron coaster close up
Credit: Twitter/@bioreconstruct

Many Guests have initially been hoping to see the ride come to life for the 50th anniversary celebrations. Still, considering we are days away, that is clearly not going to happen — not for the beginning of the festivities, at least. The 50th anniversary will be lasting a whopping 18 months, so there is still a chance that the ride will debut at some point within that time frame. That being said, Disney has not confirmed a timeline at this point, so it is truly just speculation.

tron lightcycle run concept art
Credit: Disney

Although it seems that we have been waiting for a while, the good news is that construction is active, and we are starting to see more progress on the attraction. Photographer Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstrcut) shared multiple views of the coaster on Twitter, so we can see precisely where Disney is in terms of the external construction of the coaster.

As we can see below, the attraction’s entrance begins to take shape with the arches being added into place.

Entrance to Tron roller coaster will be at the arches at top of this photo. Left arrow is launch into outdoor swoop of track. Right arrow points to an awning under construction above some doors.

From the PeopleMover, we can see that construction is, of course, still underway. The structure itself is looking much more complete, however.

Current views of Tron from Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

We can also see that the raised walkway for Guests is being constructed.

Current extent, left and right, of the raised walkway to for guest access of Tron. Yellow poles at right are common for holding concrete floor forms.

Also, as we have recently discussed, the sightlines for TRON Lightcycle/Run will be visible from many areas of the Park; below is a look at the construction ongoing in Tomorrowland, from Fantasyland.

Current view of Tron show building from Fantasyland.

Although we definitely see progress on the coaster, we can also see that there is a lot more work to do to complete the attraction.

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic as we continue to stay up to date with the coaster’s construction and overall progress.

When do you think TRON Lightcycle/Run will be complete? Let us know in the comments below! 

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