Disney Guests Wait 3 Hours in Attempt to Try New EPCOT Dining Location

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space 220

Credit: Theme Park Express

Space 220 recently opened to massive crowds yesterday, and we have the inside scoop on what it was like to be there on opening day to try and secure a table 220 miles above the earth in the all-new simulated experience. 

Space 220 has had an exciting journey since it was meant to open a long time ago in February 2020, then the day was pushed to sometimes in March, and then the pandemic took over, closing down Walt Disney World Resort. Disney finally opened the EPCOT location on September 20 to walk-up Guests only. From September 20-26, Guests are currently able to walk in and sign up for a dining reservation for Space 220.

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Credit: Disney

Considering how every Disney dining reservation for Space 220 (which opened just yesterday) from September 26 to November 19 is currently completely sold out, trying to snag a table this year may be your best bet. As we reported yesterday, massive crowds were waiting at EPCOT at Rope Drop so that they could enter the Park. We were able to see Theme Park Express’ journey on Twitter as Guests ran into EPCOT, were held at one point, and then had to attempt a single file line to get a reservation.

space 220 concept
Credit: Disney

We caught up with YouTubers Theme Park Express after their experience with Space 220 as we wanted to know what it is like attempting to score a reservation this week and if the food is worth it. Considering both the tw0-course lunch and three-course dinner both have a hefty price tag, we would hope the food was delicious too. ‘

Space 220
Credit: Disney

In terms of getting a table, it seems that Guests looking to do so this week will have to put in some elbow grease. Guests will not be texted a return time, and with the first-come, first-serve system that is in place this week, Guests had to wait in line until it was their turn.

The whole process of getting in was an absolute cluster. The initial crowds were very poorly managed and everyone was trying to funnel into a single file line and we were packed like literal sardines all trying to get into the line to get in as early as possible. In total we waited about three hours. There were no reservations. It was first come first served and you literally had to wait in line all day if you wanted to get in. There was no “how many? Okay come back at this time, you’re on the list.” That was the worst part was the waiting in the sun.

space 220 interior
Credit: Disney

That being said, once Theme Park Express was able to enter Space 220 and have a great time!

But once inside the experience truly was out of this world and must be experienced by everyone at least once!

The big question we still need to answer is, is this food worth it. Space 220 is run by the Patina Group, which typically creates delicious meals, but with so much of this restaurant being aesthetically focused, we did not know if they put the same detail into the food.

First, we thought it was worth it! However if you’re going there for chicken or salad then you’re not getting your money’s worth. You gotta go for the expensive stuff like the steak.

Since this is a multi-course meal where you can pick what you would like to eat without the total changing, it seems that similar to the Disney Dining Plan, it will feel like a better deal if you can score the most valuable thing on the menu.

For Guests looking to dine this week at Space 220, be ready to wait! We suggest arriving before Rope Drop, packing good shoes, water, and an umbrella as you will be outside for the majority of your wait.

Suppose you want a dining reservation, be sure to check the My Disney Experience app constantly. Guests cancel reservations all the time; you just need to be there to snatch it up!

You can check out Theme Park Express’ full experience below!

Do you plan on dining at Space 220? Let us know in the comments below. 

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