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space 220 sneak peek

Original Images: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

This amazing peek into Walt Disney World Resort’s Space 220 Restaurant gives us insight into food, drink, and the signature pricing! The elevator (called a Stellarvator) experience will wow you as you soar up above North America, journeying into the Thermosphere (the second uppermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere)!

3…2…1… BLASTOFF!

space 220 concept
Credit: Disney

This week only, Space 220, located in the Space pavilion area of Future World, will be open for walk-ins — no reservations will be required! Starting September 27, a dining reservation is strongly recommended, and we’re pretty sure it will be hard to score a table without one. Reservations can be booked starting today, September 20, 2021, online or by calling the Disney Dining line at 714-781-3463.

However, before the restaurant even opened for public walk-ins, Dreamcrete Custom Creations was invited to experience an entire meal 220 miles above the earth. Dreamcrete is the company that created the custom flooring for the restaurant in metallic epoxy, and so they were invited to dine at Space 220 ahead of its grand opening after their hard work was complete.

Dremecrete Custom Creations’s TikTok account shares multiple videos of the restaurant, which covered food, drink, and the special Stellarvator entrance experience. Let’s take a look at what they shared… including the receipt, which may shock you!

Space 220 Elevator and Entrance

Courtesy of Dreamcrete Custom Creations, we get a full sneak peek into the dining experience at EPCOT’s Space 220. The company was in charge of creating the marbled, swirling epoxy floor in the lobby of the restaurant, which glistens like a mirror. We can’t wait to see the gray-blue swirls in person!

space 220 entrance lobby
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

Welcomed into the Stellarvator, the company’s members watched Orlando, Florida, disappear as they soared “220” miles above the Earth to the space station restaurant. (The Stellarvator is a simulated elevator experience, providing Guests with the feeling that they are heading into space.) It should be noted that according to NASA, this is the Thermosphere or outer edge of the Ionosphere, above the Aurora Borealis, but below most satellite’s circulation.

stellarvator at Space 220 EPCOT
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

The Stellarvator looks to hold several parties worth of people, but you’ll need a small boarding pass to start your journey. Waiting in the lobby works much like a traditional Patina Restaurant Group restaurant, whereas when you board the Stellarvator, you’ll be walked straight to your table in the dining area. You can see that this Space Elevator Boarding Pass is “SV1” or Stellarvator 1.

stellarvator boarding pass
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

As Guests are taken up, they can peer down into the central “window” to watch the Earth fade to a small blue ball. It’s worth noting on your trip down, the trip is reversed, as Guests watch Central Florida get larger until they are “back” on the Earth’s surface.

Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

The dining experience itself takes place in a large dining room surrounded by windows showcasing Earth’s curved edges and possibly spacemen, astronauts, and other satellites floating by. It’s curious that if you’re above the Earth, you wouldn’t see it, but let’s suspend our disbelief and enjoy what the Imagineers have created!

Space 220 dining room
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

Space 220 Food and Drink

What Disney theme park Guests really want to know about EPCOT’s Space 220 Restaurant is what the food is like! Dreamcrete took pictures of the two-sided menu, where for a prix fixe menu of $55 (two-course lunch) or $79 (three-course dinner) you will be able to choose a few courses and some unique beverages.

Space 220 menu
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

Included in the lunch price is one Lift Off appetizer and one Star Course entree, while the dinner option also includes a Supernova Sweet dessert. You’ll find that the lunch entrée and dinner entrée selections differ. Lunch options include a Bluehouse Salmon, Centauri Burger, Flat Iron Steak, Seared Tuna, or Baked Maccheroni. Those dining after 4:30 will find that the dinner menu kicks in, offering even higher-end options like Filet Mignon, Slow Rotation Short Rib, Florida Red Snapper, X2 Duck, and Terra-Bolognese. The tuna tartar appetizer, roasted free-range chicken, and what appears to be the blue-moon cauliflower are below.

space 220 entrees and appetizers
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

Following the meal, desserts at Space 220 are artfully arranged. The chocolate sculptures and Saturn-like swirl rings emulate an outer space mood perfectly. Choose from a Lemon Mousse, Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, or Chocolate Cheesecake to end your evening in space.

space 220 desserts
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

Atmospheric cocktails and beverages at the space themed restaurant are not included, but as we’ve reported before, there is a special Space 220 collectible cup holding a $12.00 non-alcoholic drink like:

  • Lightyear Lemonade – Made with butterfly pea tea
  • The Milky Way – Served with a fun-size “Milky Way” garnish
  • Moon Rocks – Served with a pack of popping candy garnish

Space 220 Pricing

Disney had mentioned ahead of Space 220’s opening that the dinner meal options would be a fixed price at $79 for adults and $29 for children (ages 9 and under). Lunch is served for $55 for adults and $29 for children (ages 9 and under). On the Walt Disney World Resort website, pricing is labeled as $$$ for Lunch and $$$$ for Dinner, letting Guests know that this experience is one of the more expensive meals on property.

Dreamcrete had 6 Guests at the dinner table, which included two children. Dreamcrete’s bill at the end of the night included at least 6 beverages, and after tax, (it appears gratuity was not yet included) the bill was $494.64. Space 220 is by no means a counter-service eatery, but a signature dining experience that is out of this world!

space 220 receipt
Credit: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok

The full TikTok from Dreamcrete is available below, though it’s worth visiting their channel to see the other few videos they’ve created.  They’ve been answering questions about the Stellarvator, food value, and more.

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Will you be dining at Space 220 soon? What do you think riding the Stellarvator will be like? Leave us a comment below! 

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