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space 220 sneak peek

Original Images: @dreamcrete_dcc on TikTok


  1. VDog

    WTF??? What reports are you talking about?? Like I’m actually being very serious… You’re talking about a VERY serious matter. Please reply to this comment with links to these reports so that the public is made aware of this extremely important matter that is obviously being swept under the carpet!! This is the first I’d hear of this!!

  2. Tlaw

    $100 per person for a Chicken with salad and ice cream dinner.

    Who said the Disney Magic is gone? Maybe you are just looking at this from the wrong side….

    Given that you already spend big $$ to get in the park, don’t waste 2 hours of valuable park time to overpay for boring food. Rather, take a Disney day off and eat something good outside. For 1/4 the price.

    1. I kind of agree, but especially for kiddos. I would treat this as a date restaurant, more than a family restaurant. Unless you’re a BIG space person, then the splurge may be really up your alley.

  3. Tamara Dowd

    I will save up for a one time experience to eat at this restaurant. Wether I go back will definitely depend on if I can pay my other bills at a later date!

  4. J

    If you’re not a resort guest, don’t even TRY to make a reservation. Since resort guests can make dining reservations for their entire stay 60 days before their CHECK-IN date, but park visitors can only make them 60 days before their PARK VISIT, even at 6:00am ET, 60 days before the date you want to visit, when reservations open, there are NO tables available!

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