Man Gives Unauthorized Tour to Skip Lines With Stolen Disney World iPad

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A 30-year-old man was caught using a stolen Walt Disney World iPad, which had access to a private company application. He was giving unauthorized tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in order to skip to the front of the lines.

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According to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report, on June 4, a deputy was called to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in regards to someone trespassing at Disney World. Once he arrived on the scene, he learned from another off-duty deputy that the man, who was utilizing the stolen iPad, was taken into an office by a Disney manager.

The manager first noticed that the 30-year-old man was leading a group on an unauthorized tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He then watched the man proceed to lead the group to the front of the line of an attraction. The report did not note which attraction.

The Disney manager was able to cancel the reservations before the suspect got onto the ride and then proceeded to follow him to the parking lot with the off-duty deputy. When they asked to speak with the man, he told them he worked for “A Class” company.

According to the report, when the Orange County deputy arrived at the office to speak with the man, he said he did not know the iPad was stolen.

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The Disney manager said that, over the course of a few days, his team had been made aware of “unauthorized overrides on reservations in the Disney World app”, which is meant for employees only.

The app that is being referred to is used by Cast Members giving tours at Walt Disney World as a way to get to the front of an attraction line without having to stand in line and wait. The app is private and is only installed on devices owned by Disney World and not available to the public.

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It has since been confirmed that the iPad was, in fact, Disney’s property, and was taken without permission, though the iPad was never reported as stolen.

The man was issued a trespass warning by Disney for all of its property, according to the report.

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