Major Price Hikes Coming to Another Disney Service, Again

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Lately, it seems that Disney is continuing to raise their prices on everything. From theme park tickets to merchandise to resorts and more — being in the Disney bubble is becoming less tangible for many.

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One way that many who cannot always be at the Disney Parks get their daily magic in are through Disney’s streaming services. Disney owns a variety of streaming networks at this point, with their main entity being Disney+. Now, it seems that they are raising the cost of one of their services.

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Disney+ and ESPN+ have recently seen a price hike, and now, it is a not-so-shocking development; Hulu will see the same. According to Deadline:

Effective October 8, the basic, ad-supported version of Hulu will go from $5.99 a month to $6.99, while the ad-free tier rises a dollar to $12.99.

The changes, conveyed to subscribers this morning, do not affect rates for the Disney bundle or Hulu’s live TV service. It is the first update of Hulu’s pricing since an interesting combo move in early 2019, when the monthly cost of the basic tier dropped $2 to $5.99.

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It seems that Disney decided to raise the cost of Hulu due to a large number of Bollywood titles and Hotstar originals to the platform. At the moment, Disney has reported almost 174 million total subscribers across Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, with 39.1 million of the subscribers coming from Hulu. Although Hulu will see a price jump, Disney has noted that the Disney bundle, which includes the streaming service for $64.99, will not rise, which is good considering that the bundle has already seen a $10 increase per month as of late. With this, Disney is looking to push the bundle subscription as that price will stay stagnant for now, where as Hulu will increase.

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The Hulu price raise follows that of the Annual Passes at Walt Disney World Resort. After not having Annual Passes on sale for over a year now, Disney World has officially launched their newest Annual Pass system today, raising that cost by hundreds for some.

What do you think of the Hulu price hike? How much money would you pay for Disney+ each month, and how much is too much? 

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