Disney World Tickets Predicted to Cost Over $250 in 10 Years, Guests Speak Out

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If there is one thing we can count on with Disney World, it is that the price for everything will only continue to become more and more expensive.

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Over the past 50 years, Disney has implemented price hikes for their tickets, Annual Passes, food, merchandise, and more to continue to have higher profit margins. Of course, this has been highly beneficial for Disney; however, Guests who are looking to book a vacation are having to save for longer periods of time as the cost of a Disney trip continues to increase.

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Disney World just announced their new Annual Pass system, which increased the cost of some pass tiers by hundreds of dollars, and with day tickets costing (on average) $125.00, Disney World can end up costing more than a European vacation! If the prices for tickets continue to increase, some Guests may be wondering when it will stop.

If we look out over the next 10 years, we can predict how inflation will affect ticket prices and speculate what tickets will cost in 2031. Please note that this is all purely speculative and a prediction based on the ticket price hikes over the years. Disney World has not yet announced any future increase in Park tickets at the time of this article’s publishing.

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When Disney World opened in 1971, tickets were $3.50. If we were to translate that number into today’s cost with inflation, it would be around $22.61. Of course, we know that that is not the cost of a theme park ticket at Disney World. If Guests want to enter Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, their ticket price can vary by date but costs around $125.00 on average.

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Since 1971, ticket costs have seen an averaged increase 0f 7.4%, which meant that if the average continues to hold true over the next 10 years, tickets will cost a whopping $253.20. The percentage of inflation over each year can potentially increase more or less, which is something we will not know until it happens. However, considering that we have seen 50 years of consistent prices hikes, it would not be shocking to see it continue over the next 10 years.

We asked some of our readers if they would pay this cost in 10 years, and it seems that no one is willing to shell out $250.00 each day to visit Disney World.

Anais R. seems to already be finished with the price hikes.

No. My tickets expire January and they will stay expired.

Clare said no, and posed an interesting point with the Christmas event tickets.

Nope. This years cost for the Christmas events should be a guide. No one is buying those either.

Josh H. spoke about how much costs have jumped over the years.

When I moved to Orlando in 1999 a day ticket was just under $50.

Craig S. thinks it is overpriced right now!

Been overpriced for years now. Get less for more

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Steven H. said it simply.

Then stop raising them!

Robbi says that they are already pricing people out of the parks.

No! It’s too expensive now and they have priced families out of a nice day at the park. Not Walt’s vision. The magic is gone and it’s all about corporate greed now. So sad.

Victoria H. said:

Absolutely Love Disney 💕 but already thinking of not going back because of price – and all the things they have taken away or now charging extra for that was already included in price before like fast passes, hotel parking charge, I remember not to long ago being in magic kingdom at 2am EMH absolutely amazing 😎 but them days are gone.

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Adreanna is saying goodbye to Disney World for a while on her next visit.

We are going in October, most likely will be the last trip for a long time. Used to be a passholder but no more

It seems that everyone thinks that Disney is already too expensive, and more increases will end up pricing them out.

Would you pay over $250.00 for a single-day Walt Disney World Resort ticket?

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