Heavy Construction Near Disney Will Last Years

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If you have ever been to Orlando, Florida, there are a few things you may have experienced. It gets blisteringly hot, there are tons of theme parks, there can be some traffic, and there is always some ongoing new construction!

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With Orlando constantly being the mega tourism destination that it is, the area is always in development. From making more roadways to new Resort buildings, restaurants, shops, and apartment complexes — Orlando is a city that will continue to grow.

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O-Town West is a new development near Disney that is currently under construction. Once complete, it will be the perfect spot for Guests visiting both Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort to dine, shop, and even sleep if they are looking for an off-property Resort. The new area will give visitors and locals more things to do and will surely drive forward tourism in Orlando with the vast amount of residential options becoming available.

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Because of COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic, however, construction in the area has been pushed back. Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation is the latest company to break ground in the area, but even that construction was meant to begin over a year ago.

O-Town West
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The new Marriott construction will solely be an office space. However, with its large size, the construction around it will be massive, which will affect the completion of O-Town. At the moment, that construction is not set to wrap up before 2023, so it will be at least a couple more years of construction ongoing in the area. Unfortunately, this means that travelers visiting the city for the 50th anniversary celebrations will likely encounter the O-Town construction if they leave Disney property.

o-town west
Credit: Unicorp National

That being said, it is also a huge deal that the Marriott Vacation headquarters is finding a home in Orlando, Florida, and points towards a bright future when it comes to Orlando tourism and potentially, more Marriott Resorts being built near Disney World!

At the moment, it doesn’t seem that the new construction will affect Guests traveling to Disney World; however, the space will remain a construction zone for the next while.

What do you think of the constant construction that is always ongoing in Orlando? What else would you like to see in the area? 

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