Amid Delta Surge and Mask Mandates, Guests Share Why They’re Canceling Disney Vacations

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As the world continues to battle and emerge from the ongoing pandemic, many are looking to get back to their regular life, which includes vacationing at Disney World.

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Whether traveling to Central Florida is something you often do, or is a trip you are saving up for after being quarantined for so long, many cannot wait to get back into the world again. Lately, we have seen travel restrictions lift, especially between Canada and the United States, and domestic travel within the country has dramatically increased. In the most recent quarter, Florida tourism has jumped to 31.7 million visitors, which is only 2.2% less than pre-pandemic rates.

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However, with the increase of travel and normality, we have seen an increase of positive COVID-19 cases as the Delta variant has begun to surge. Orange County, Florida, has had numbers on the rise, causing Disney World and Disneyland to revert to indoor mask mandates and masks mandatory in certain queues and on all attractions. With the rise of COVID-19 cases and the re-implantation of mask mandates, we wanted to ask our audience if they were planning on canceling their vacation and, if so, why?

We took to Facebook and asked:

As the Delta variant spreads and as Disney Parks have updated their face mask rules in accordance with CDC recommendations, are you considering canceling an upcoming Disney vacation? Why or why not?

Katie M. canceled due to masks, not the Delta variant.

I canceled when they updated the masks to be mandatory again. Not doing masks in August. In Florida humidity. 

Mary C. canceled due to the virus spread in Florida.

We canceled our January trip. Florida’s lack of responsibility and the spread of Delta among children are the reason.

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Valerie D. wishes she canceled, looking back.

I should have said no but we didn’t and we all got Covid and looking back I wish we would have.

Brandon S. noted that mask wear with kids is difficult.

Yes. We went in May and masks were a real struggle with our small kids.

Andrew C. would cancel due to the reimposed mask mandates.

I would not cancel because of high covid rates, rather because of the mask mandate. And not because I don’t want to wear one (obviously if rather not), but because the rules in Florida are ages two and over. In the UK anyone under 16 has never been required to wear a mask anywhere. It’s not that I don’t agree with the policy, but trying to tell my young children they have to wear a mask would be something that is foreign to them and it would probably go badly.

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Angie D. seemed to cancel due to a mix of masks and COVID-19.

Cancelled our trip for end of October. We’ve gotta a kiddo who is too young to be vaccinated. Full price for less options and entertainment plus masks in the heat. Not worth the risk in our eyes.

Jill D. is waiting until masks are a thing of the past before shelling out thousands for a vacation.

Most of family have decided to forgo Disney Parks until masks are no longer needed. Not interested in having a mask on in those hot parks.

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Kathy B. is fine with a mask but not ok with the current state of COVID-19 in Florida.

Yep, canceled until this COVID mess gets better. Don’t care anything about wearing a mask while there.

Mary K. does not want to visit while face masks are implemented.

Won’t go while they require face masks.

Elizabeth G. does not yet feel safe returning.

My doctor told me she’s had 2 different vaccinated patients go to Disney this summer and both contracted the virus while there.
I was starting to look at a 50th Celebration trip next spring but I’m not going anywhere, especially not the parks, until Covid is under control.

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For those who are deciding to cancel, which seemed to be around half of the responses, it seemed that it is not just masked mandates or the Delta variant and rise of COVID-19, but rather, both of these issues combined. Some Guests noted that they have now canceled their trip 3 times!

With the 50th anniversary around the corner, and some offerings such as character meet and greets still missing, it is understandable as to why some Guests who may be planning their once in a lifetime visit would want to hold off until everything is back to normal so they can have the best experience after shelling out so much money for their vacation.

How do you feel about traveling to Disney World as of late? Do the mask mandates bother you? Or are you nervous about the increase COVID-19 case count? 

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