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On July 28, Disney announced that both Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida would be requiring all theme park Guests to wear masks at all indoor locations, regardless of vaccination status. The move comes after the United States has seen a huge uptick in COVID cases due to somewhat stagnant vaccination numbers, as well as new variants — primarily the Delta variant — running rampant throughout the country.

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Masks and vaccination requirements have been a hot topic amongst Guests visiting the theme parks, especially since both Disneyland and Disney World removed their mask requirements for vaccinated Guests back in June. Our readers are amongst those with strong opinions and spoke out when the change in Disney’s mask policy was made.

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While many were disappointed to hear the news, they were glad to see that Disney was following the science and taking some necessary steps in order to keep Guests safe while visiting the parks. Katie K. posted on Inside the Magic’s Facebook page:

Thank you Disney! I appreciate you taking this pandemic and the recent upswing in cases seriously. We have have our Halloween masks all ready to go for Boo Bash on 8/10! ?

Karl M. agreed with Jacob and noted that once more people get vaccinated, the mask policy might once again go away as COVID and its variants don’t have the dangerous effect they do on those who might not be vaccinated.

Unfortunately their science is following nature. Mitigation efforts are useless outside of the vaccine. Like it or not we ALL got to get this thing. The vaccine is the seat belt, not the mask.

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Jeff F.was glad to hear the news and thanked Disney for protecting vulnerable Guests — mainly children under 12 who are not able to be vaccinated at this time.

Thank you for helping to protect the kids who cannot get vaccinated yet. Unfortunately people cannot follow rules.

Bill H. was also happy to hear the news and was still excited to take his trip to Disney World next month.

Pleased to hear the indoor mask requirement with the rise of the delta Covid variant. Our trip is scheduled in late August.

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While there were many fans who were happy to see protective measures being put in place, there were also a number of readers who were upset to see masks coming back, since they had been vaccinated and did that so they would not have to wear a mask anymore. Josh G. was one of those people.

I’m going in Nov. Guess no reason to get my 2nd shot now. Was only getting Vax to enjoy my trip. If I’m required to wear a mask either way no need to get the shot.

Kelly P. shared that she does not think unvaccinated people should go to Disney, along with those who may be worried about catching COVID.

I got vaccinated so I didn’t have to wear a mask. If your worried and unvaccinated, don’t go to Disney.

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There were also readers who said that they would be cancelling their Disney vacations in light of the news — including Scott R.

Well…so much for our September trip…will be canceling tomorrow

Virginia G. also stated that she would be cancelling her trip that is supposed to take place in October.

Will be canceling my October trip, masks are not magical.

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Rounding out the reactions to the news were those who felt that the main reason face masks were coming back was that people were not receiving vaccinations in large numbers like they were when the vaccine first became available. Allison D. was one of many people with that opinion.

Good job Disney! It’s nice to see a company sticking with the science. This is what happens when people don’t want to listen and get vaccinated.

Jennifer O. was also disappointed by the slow-down in vaccination rates.

I wish people would just do their part and get the darn vaccination so we can live normal lives again. SMH.

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While it is a little disheartening to see measures like mask mandates come back, it is important to remember that Disney is doing what it thinks is best to keep Guests and Cast Members safe in a time in which things are constantly changing. Guests should also remember that putting such mandates back in place is being done to help prevent one big thing — another theme park shut down.

Disney’s newly reinstated indoor mask mandate will begin on July 30, with no end date being announced. Disney took steps based on CDC advice, and will most likely wait until the CDC makes more recommendations before it changes its policy back.

Do you agree with Disney’s reinstated indoor mask policy? What do you think the theme parks should do? Let us know in the comments!

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