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  1. TDC

    We have cancelled our trip twice already, and will be cancelling our December trip as well. With Covid out of control in the US, and no relief in sight due to the lack of common sense on the part of the state of Florida, we will wait another year or maybe even more. The soaring costs are also making things prohibitive. So maybe it’s time to look for another place to spend my hard earned cash on places that value the experience over the value of profit.

    1. Rj

      I agree with TDC. It’s not about wearing a mask at all. That’s the least of our troubles and such a small inconvenience to protect yourself and others from spreading a deadly disease. It’s the States and the Government there. “Irresponsible” is a too kind way of describing the utter lack of enough brain cells for Florida (and Texas) to understand the severity of a Pandemic in medical terms instead of using this fast spreading deadly disease as a Political game.

      1. KAR

        Agreed. Masks are no big deal, we went to WDW last September and wore masks 10-12 hours a day and it wasn’t an issue. You just need to bring lots of extras, take breaks, and bring several different types.

        We currently have another trip coming up in late September, and we are watching the levels of hospitalizations. I’m concerned if the hospitals are full and something happens…

      2. SickOfPlagueRats

        As a FL native I could not agree more. The leadership in this state is completely in the toilet. Cannot wait to vote the psychotic idiot governor OUT! He’s literally murdering his own constituents. Smh. Such indescribable MORONS.

    2. TDC

      After today’s announcement with more relaxed rules with masks and social distancing and the fact that costs are going up with PAID fastpass and PAID everything else, we decided as a family that Disney is no longer going to be part of our vacation destination. Oh well, shame on them, but i honestly doubt Bob gives a crap about the middle class regular patrons and prefers to make DIsney a rich only playground.

  2. C.

    I’ll cancel (again) if masks haven’t gone away by the time my trip comes and if we don’t have all the amenities back to normal. It costs too much to pay 100% of the price with 50% of the fun. I’ll spend my hard-earned vacation dollars elsewhere.

  3. Bidenisamoron

    Went to Disneyworld with masks and the shot. Won’t do that again. Went to Disneyland mask free and loved it. Now that masks are back again, cancelled January trip. For those knocking on Florida, they have better numbers in alot of areas than California. Would gladly trade governors.

  4. Jennifer

    I had planned to add on a couple of days at Disney to my Univeral vacation in September, but I won’t be doing that now with masks mandatory.

  5. SickOfPlagueRats

    You idiots crying about masks blow my mind. You are the reason why FL is in the toilet. As a native Floridian you people make me sick. Stay where you are. We have a ouch plague infested rats running around already. Disney is MUCH BETTER OFF without you spreadnecks invading.

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