Not Fitting on Park Attraction Motivates Universal Fan’s Weight Loss

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When Guests visit Universal Orlando Resort, they often expect to have an amazing day full of adventure and attractions!

Whether you are visiting Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, Guests can enjoy a tonne of attractions. That being said, certain attractions may not be accessible for all body types. Some attractions will have a version of the ride vehicle in front of the ride entrance or in the queue so that Guests can make sure they can comfortably and safely fit in the attraction vehicle before getting on the ride.

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Because many Universal attractions are thrill rides, ride restraints are used and can only fit Guests of a certain size. Although not being able to ride an attraction you were excited to get on could be a negative point on an otherwise fun-filled day, for some, it can be the start of a major lifestyle change.

Credit: Universal

Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalOrl) Tweeted, “What is the most memorable experience you’ve had at the parks?”. The Twitter account received many replies, but Lindsey Ian Cole’s (@Lindsanity50) stood out.

The Guest wanted to ride Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure but did not fit on the ride vehicle. It seems that Lindsey took that moment and decided to make a change. To date, he has lost over 95 pounds! As we can see in the below photo, he can easily fit in the ride vehicle for the attraction now, stating that not being able to experience the attraction before was motivation to get in “the best shape of [his] life.”

Hagrid’s opened and I didn’t fit on it. I lost 60 lbs over about 6 months and on this day, I finally got the green light. Since then, I’ve lost another 35 lbs and am well on my way to being in the best shape of my life. Thanks for the motivation,

Inside the Magic spoke to Lindsey, who provided a “before” photo of what he looked like when he was unable to fit the attraction ride vehicle. Comparing the photo to the one above, we can truly see the amazing journey Lindsey has taken!

Lindsey Ian Cole
Credit: Lindsey Ian Cole

Lindsey told us how his Hagrids experience was the moment he chose to make a change, but the same issue happened on multiple Universal Orlando Resort attractions.

After the realization that I needed to make those life changes I adopted the keto way of life and it helped me so much. I then started working out 5-6 days a week. Getting on the ride was just the start and has lead me to continuing to set new goals. Hagrid’s was the last straw, but I’d already been turned away at Hulk, Forbidden Journey and Flight of Passage. It felt amazing to go to the soft opening for Velocicoaster, ride it 4 times and have no issues. It was a harsh wake up call but one that has made my life so much better

Credit: Universal

Accessibility for people of all body types is not something that is available on all theme park attractions, and it can be an unfortunate experience for many Guests who wish to experience these rides, only to find out they are unable to. If there is ever a ride you are concerned about at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, it is worth asking a Team Member if they have any ride vehicles that can allow for more legroom or space. Not all attractions have this, but some rides such as Revenge of the Mummy have rows meant for Guests who want a little extra space so that they can enjoy the attraction.

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