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Universal Orlando Resort has been heavily pushing the Jurassic Park section of their Islands of Adventure theme park. It seems like the dino-fun is only continuing on their social media page.

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With Jurassic World VelociCoaster now officially open, Universal Orlando Resort has given their Jurassic section a new resurgence of life by including an intense thrill coaster with spectacular theming throughout. The Jurassic Park area has also reinstated their T-rex photo-ops, allowing Guests to get the perfect almost-eaten-by-a-dino-but-lived-to-tell-the-tale photo.

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Now, it looks like a T-rex was set on the loose in the theme park, but it may not be as terrifying as the dinosaur you see on Jurassic Park River Adventure. Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalORL) recently Tweeted a video of someone in a blow-up dinosaur costume running through the land, and it looks hilariously awesome.

Here’s some wholesome content for the timeline.

The Tweet credits Instagram user @adrianeraye, who was likely the one in the suit. While running through the Jurassic Park signage, we can see other Universal Guests take a double look at the runaway dinosaur; however, they are a little more shocked than terrified.

Universal parks worldwide are starting to make a big push towards their Jurassic sections, including updating them to fit the new film franchise Jurassic World. Universal Studios Hollywood re-themed their Jurassic Park ride to Jurassic World — The Ride and Universal Beijing have created Isla Nublar and a Jurassic World dark ride.

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If you are ever at Universal Orlando Resort and want to meet a dinosaur, unfortunately, the one in the video above is likely not an option; however, you can meet a real-life raptor at the Raptor Encounter and get a very…. memorable photo experience.

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