Tower of Terror Sign Malfunctions, Enters The Twilight Zone

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When Guests visit Disney World, figuring out how long wait times are for certain attractions is always one of the first things many people do.

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Although the My Disney Experience app can give you all the wait times you need in your hand, sometimes, a Guest may choose to look at a wait time the good ol’ fashion way and look at the wait time sign in front of the attraction. The wait time you see posted on that sign would match what you see on your My Disney Experience app… most of the time.

tower of terror service elevator hallway
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When Guests enter The Twilight Zone and walk into the Hollywood Tower Hotel, things may turn a little more wonky than usual. When you ride Tower of Terror, Guests jump back to the night when lightning struck the hotel’s service elevator sending the Guests within it to The Twilight Zone.

tower of terror getting struck by lightning
Credit: Disney

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The theming for this attraction is pretty impeccable, with the story being set the moment Guests turn onto Sunset Boulevard, and at times, the wait times sign adds to the craziness. Today, the wait times sign for the attraction has been flipping between wait times and has even had letters and symbols. WDW Theme Parks (@WDWThemeParks) posted a photo of the sign, which read the wait time as K7<.

Tower of terror wait is currently K7<

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The ride was fully operational when this photo happened, so it seems that the wait times sign was struck by the same lightning Guests are hit with, just like the signage indicates.

Tower of Terror sunny sky
Credit: Disney

After some research to find the relevance to K7<, I have come out empty-handed. We do know K7 is short for cassette, which is something that narrator Rod Sterling used to be heard performing on quite often; however, the relation to the attraction is sparse. Not everything has an explanation in The Twilight Zone, it seems!

The signage for wait times often works as Guests would expect, so always be on the lookout for something fun like this to occur at the attraction!

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