Real-Life Rapunzel Shocks Fans With Length of Her Hair

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Credit: Disney (left) @alona__kravchenko (right)

When Guests visit the Disney Parks, they can often see their favorite animated Disney princess come to life! 

These princesses look just like we remember them from their respective movies, bringing each individual film to life from their dress to their hair. However, sometimes there are real-life Disney fans who look just like the Disney princesses we grew up with. 

rapunzel fairy tale hall
Credit: Disney

Seeing a real-life Rapunzel is often a tough find, as there are not too many people with endless golden hair, as that would be very tough to maintain. Even with all its obstacles, it seems that Rapunzel really does exist, and she lives in the Ukrainian! Alona Kravchenko (@alona__kravchenko) has deemed herself as the Ukrainian Rapunzel due to her natural golden blonde hair that spans a massive 1.95 meters.

Credit: Disney

In a recent shoot on Alona’s Instagram account, she posed as Rapunzel from Tangled in front of a castle, and her followers went wild! The photo series has garnered thousands of likes combined, and it is not hard to see why.

I present to your attention the hero Rapunzel, to which I am compared every day! ??
A large-scale photo project, for which the preparation lasted for months, in order to maximally convey the main points and the plot of the cartoon, taking into account the selected props and selected locations, and as much as possible fit into the image of a gentle, creative Rapunzel who loves to dream and have fun!

Thanks to my wonderful photographer Nikolay @ nikolay.synelnykov who realized and recreated this whole fairy tale ???
Thank you @alenastekolshikova_ I don’t even know who else could create such a gorgeous floral braid out of my hair so realistically ???
Thank you @krystalevent for the dress I fell in love with at first sight ???

It is hard to believe it, but all of that hair is real! To see a look at what her hair looks like when it is not in a braid, you can check out this other Rapunzel-bound photo below.

Who watched the cartoon know that a young cheerful girl with lovely long golden curls was stolen from the royal family and locked in a tower … but the true princess lives inside Rapupzel despite her cheerful and playful temperament

Alona has discussed her hair on multiple occasions, but when asked about seeing herself as a Disney princess, she noted:

I love Rapunzel. Every young girl has a dream of and I am no exception. I dream to star in the film Rapunzel because the length and colour of my hair is very close to the image of a fictional character. 

She also said that everyone in her city knows and admires her because of her long golden hair, something that quickly happened with Rapunzel once she was introduced to the world!

What do you think of this Disney-bound Rapunzel look? Let us know in the comments below.

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