Disney Community Mourns Loss of EPCOT Legend Pam Brody

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Cast Members can make a Guests’ day go from great to magical, and many of them often ensure that they can do just that.

However, some Cast Members are so dedicated to the magic that all remember them, both Guests and co-workers. That is exactly the legacy that Pam Brody, former EPCOT singer at Rose and Crown Pub upheld, and continues to uphold. Pam Brody has unfortunately passed on, but it seems that the memories she created are more vibrant than ever!

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Pam Brody worked for the mouse for over 20 years, singing at EPCOT and quickly garnering the name “button lady” due to her extravagant hat wear that would always change and remain unique to Brody. Brody would receive song requests from Guests all day long and play them at the pub giving everyone a fun live-music experience with her infectious personality and talent.  The Orlando Sentinel received comments from many who knew Brody and wanted to share how amazing she was.

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Eric Pinder, who met Brody when he was a member of the World Showcase Players, noted:

“She really had a way of connecting with people and making them feel like they were a part of this big family in the pub. I always loved sitting with her backstage, too, because she was very mischievous. … She was very devout and religious, but yet, really had quite a twinkle in her eye.”

Carol Stein, singer, and pianist at EPCOT, said:

“She has a following because she made everybody feel special. She was the entertainer, but she focused her energy on the guests, making them all filled with joy and happiness.”

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Even after Brody retired from Disney, the Ireland-born singer would always return to the U.K. pavilion on her birthday to celebrate — however; she would never tell anyone her age. Although many who knew Brody personally have spoken out on their sorrows to hear of her passing, many who knew her through her work as a Cast Member are speaking out, as well.

Schmidt happens. (@Mrfurious32821) said:

Sad hear of the passing of an Epcot legend. RIP Pam Brody. https://youtu.be/y4fWMIz34nA

WDW Tales Podcast (@WDWTales) also posted:

So sad to hear Pam Brody passed. She was an EPCOT Entertainment pioneer. 

EPCOT Jenny (@epcotjenny8) will miss Pam.

You will be missed, Pam Brody. Wonderful lady and Epcot legend.

Imaingeears Disney Podcast (@Imagine_Ears) sends their condolences as well.

It’s entertainers like Pam Brody that make the Disney parks and in this case, Epcot, so special. Rest In Peace, Pam. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Skipper Dickrichie (@SKPR_Dickrichie) is heartbroken by the news.

Just read about the passing of Pam Brody. My hearts broken. is it even Epcot or the Rose & Crown without her?!

The Tweets are continuing to flood in from many Guests who have been touched by Pam Brody through her performances and are incredibly sad to hear she has passed on.

From all of us at Inside the Magic, we send our condolences to Pam’s family and loved ones.

Did you ever see Pam Brody perform at EPCOT? Let us know below!

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