Universal Sets Off Debate: Is The Moving Walkway an Attraction?

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When Guests arrive at Universal Orlando Resort, there is one thing that almost everyone must take part in: the moving walkway.

To get from the parking garage to CityWalk, and, in turn, Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure, all Guests must travel along the moving walkway. There are regular walkways Guests can use as well; however, the moving walkway can help you travel much faster! 

Credit: Universal

Just like many have seen before in airports, the moving walkway is just like an escalator, except it is flat on the ground. Guests can choose to walk on it, allowing them to move at a swift pace or relax and let the walkway do all the work. But is the moving walkway a Universal Orlando Resort attraction? Sure, it is not on any park map, but it does provide some sort of “ride vehicle” for Guests who step aboard.

Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalORL) posed the question on Twitter today, leaning towards the moving walkway being an attraction.

Hot take: The moving walkway is, in fact, a ride. Discuss.

So far, it seems that the majority of Guests agree!

That Nerd Zach (@thatnerdzach) is on team attraction when it comes to the moving walkway.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who believe the moving walkway is a ride. And then there are liars.

Some disagree that the whole walkway is an attraction, as they attribute it being an attraction to no one moving, but would like it to be split into a half walkway, half attraction. ThrillaShirilla (@ThrillaShirilla) said:

The *right side* can be a ride, but the left side should be a passing lane.

SabinaNor (@SabinaNorxp) pulled Disney into the mix.

Dare I say, it is a people mover

David (@davidchapman76) thinks of it as the first and last ride of the day!

Oh yeah!!! It’s the first ride of the day and the last of the day. I just wish people would stand to one side only!!!

Julia (@JuJuBeeGrrl) likes the relaxing feel she gets on the walkway.

Definitely gives your legs a break from walking. So yes, it’s a ride.

In the thread, it seemed that anyone who disagreed that it was indeed a ride did so because they do not want people to remain stationary while riding, as you typically would on an attraction, but rather, walk. That being said, who says that walking on the walkway throws it out of the running to be an attraction!

Want to decide for yourself? Take a look at the moving walkway in action below in YouTuber CampH’s video.

What do you think? Is the moving walkway at Universal Orlando Resort an attraction? 

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