Comments for Universal Sets Off Debate: Is The Moving Walkway an Attraction?

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  1. NAR

    You put a height requirement on it, have it go 60 MPH, some loops and twists/turns and some seats, then we can discuss it as a ride until then, it is more like a moving line to me.

  2. EricJ

    Oh, never mind, it was just a social-media intern being hip on Twitter–
    And here I was, ready to argue the case that the escalator between the two levels of Universal Hollywood IS its own attraction, complete with its own audio spiel, and a Los Angeles vista where you can see Warner on a clear day.

    1. Docbryan

      So am I having Ride Rage when people won’t stay to the right side. (Especially if they move just fast enough between tracks to keep you from getting around them before the next stage!)

  3. Dave Metz

    I would LOVE to see a sign prior to getting on that says stand people stay to the right and leave room to the left for those who wish to walk!!!

  4. Aen

    They have them at airports.😕 It’s just a convenience when you’re pooped.

  5. Eric M

    It is by definitiona ride since you ride on it

    However since it doesn’t attract anyone to the parks it definitely isn’t an attraction.

    0/10 for misquoting a tweet

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