Mickey-Shaped Soap Dispensers Now Available at U.S. Parks!

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Mickey Soap Dispenser in World of Disney

Are you a huge Disney fan that loves purchasing ALL things Disney? From clothes to furniture and collectibles, my house is filled with Disney and Mickey-shaped items, but there is one thing I’ve been dying to get my hands on — a Mickey-shaped soap dispenser.

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When Disney fans visited restrooms in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, they couldn’t help but share the news that while washing your hands, the soap dispensers actually dispense Mickey-shaped soap! It wasn’t long before Tokyo Disney Resort began selling Mickey Mouse soap dispensers and became one of the most popular at-home items to own!

Mickey shaped soap
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Well, now you don’t have to travel far away or spend a ton of money on eBay for a replica, as the original Mickey Mouse Soap Dispensers can be found in the World of Disney in Disneyland Resort! 

Recently on Instagram, Disney Hype Beast (@disney_hype_beast_80) shared with his followers that this adorable Disney home item can now be seen around the World of Disney store in the Downtown Disney District:

Here is a look at the new Foam dispenser available at the World of Disney. These dispenser will make Mickey shape foam. Retail $9.99

What makes this soap so special? Check out the video below!

Testing out the new foam soap dispenser that I bought today at the World of Disney! Check it out it makes Mickey shape foam!!!!!!

For those including myself who are interested in purchasing the Mickey soap dispensers, keep an eye out around World of Disney store locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, or speak to a Cast Member for more information.

We hope this was not a one-time thing and that we run into more of these dispensers in U.S. Disney Parks. Who knows, maybe one day Disney will offer iconic soap smells from classic Disney attractions and treats like the water from Splash Mountain or a pineapple Dole Whip! 

dole whip
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Do you own a Mickey-shaped Soap Dispenser? Did you find one in World of Disney recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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