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Disney Cast Members and Imagineers have had a rather tumultuous past year. Many lost their job due to the layoffs caused by the pandemic, which affected tens of thousands, while the others were constantly wondering if they would be next.

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Although Disney Parks are now hiring Cast Members once again and moving in an upwards trajectory towards normalcy, another huge change was just announced that will affect thousands who work for the Walt Disney Company in California. Over the past several months, there have been numerous reports regarding The Walt Disney Company moving select business operations from California to Florida. However, nothing was confirmed.

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Now, it is certain that Disney will move thousands of jobs from the California headquarters to Lake Nona, leaving many faced with the decision to keep their job and move across the country or to decline the offer. Lake Nona is an up-and-coming area in Orlando that is close to the theme parks, and this change will only continue to increase the Florida economy, which has been doing well due to the housing demand the state has seen throughout the pandemic. It is also one of the more expensive areas to live in when it comes to Orlando locations.

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Although it is almost certain that Disney is creating a great headquarters in Lake Nona, it seems that not everyone thinks that this move was in the best interest of their employees.

Jon Griffin (@housetohalf) is a former Imagineer who spoke out about the move on Twitter. It seems that Jon is surprised by the amount of change continuously being instilled in those who just went on an employment rollercoaster ride over the past year.

Imagine being called back from furlough and then a couple months later being told “hey…thanks for coming back. You’re moving to Florida if you want to keep working.”


Morgan Lee Richardson (@MRichardshonArt) was one of many Imagineers affected by the layoffs caused by the pandemic and shared positivity to those who are undergoing a massive life change.

Sending all of my positive vibes out my Imagineering + DPEP family right now. I despised having the rug pulled out from under me and it kills me that it is happening to you. I know you’re in turmoil… hang in there. I love you all.

Buck $avage (@E_We3Z1E24) seemed to have disagreed with the location, as Lake Nona is already a community on the rise.

@Disney Why relocate 2k jobs to Lake Nona FL instead of relocating to low income areas in Orlando such as Pine Hills where your investment can greatly impact a poverty line instead of moving to the richest part of Orlando further increasing the already blistering housing market?

CJaye (@goldenwings) seems to not love the news, as adding more people to Lake Nona will create more crowding.

Yeah, good plan! It’s not Lake Nona isn’t already over crowded! Face with symbols over mouth

Let’s hope they build more schools before new communities.

Helynn (@wicker_basket) noted that this would make Orlando’s already difficult housing and rental market even more difficult and noted that Lake Nona would not be the most affordable spot in Orlando.

I hope that relocation package is teetering on luxurious, because Lake Nona is….not cheap. This is just….gonna make it even harder to find a rental haHA

That being said, many are thrilled to see Disney expand into Lake Nona, as it will create thousands of jobs as well as give many on the east coast who may fit into Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division a chance to work for the company, opening Disney to a new talent pool they may not have reached in California.

Valda Coryat (@ValdaSpeak) said: 

Great news for #lakenona & greater #orlando overall … #economicgrowth
#disney #innovation #workandplay

Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer (@orlandomayor) also Tweeted his excitement about the move.

This announcement really highlights the continued collaboration in our community. We are excited to have Disney expand into our Lake Nona community with high-paying jobs, spurring further investment in our city.

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Of course, moving across the country is a difficult, life-altering decision for those in California faced with the choice. However, it seems that many in Florida are very excited to welcome those who move and to see a new Disney headquarters be built near Walt Disney World.

Want to learn more about Lake Nona? Click here.

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