Comments for Disney Fans Speak Out on New Lake Nona Headquarters

Credit: LakeNona.com (left) Disney (right)


  1. KenG

    I don’t understand the comment on putting the location in Pine Hills because there is more poverty there?
    First, Pine Hills is only about 10 miles from Lake Nona which means it is well within an area that will draw jobs, it is not as though all 2,000 Disney workers are going to live in Lake Nona!
    Second, looking at a Google maps there does not seem to be a large area for a business campus in Pine Hills, and one that can offer live/work areas, cafes and such for daily workers.

    Lake Nona looks to be an area like the Irvine Spectrum here in OC, Calif. that was specifically design to offer a great live/work area in a fairly safe an clean environment that is near transportation, entertainment, shops, restaurants and more.

    Relocation for many of these Disney employees is going to be very difficult (and for many not at all), so it is good see Disney is putting this in a brand new development. I think for their single and younger family workers it may be very good (and much cheaper to live than California), but for workers that have kids in upper grades, established friends and all it will be a very hard choice.

  2. George

    This isn’t Disney just deciding to uproot 2000 people and move across the country. If you are looking to place blame, the state of California is the problem. They are taxing businesses out of existence. The business needs to decide to either take it or move. Good for Disney, they made the right choice.
    For those that are choosing to relocate, NO STATE TAXES IN FLORIDA.
    Keep more of your hard earned money!

  3. Chris

    Honestly, Disney and more companies are making the choice to leave California because taxes keep going up while our infrastructure doesn’t get fixed, our educational system suffers and our governor will shut things down at the drop of a hat.

    We have a chance to change that soon with the recall and we need to. When successful it will send a message to Sacramento that we can’t sustain these policies and expect California to remain great.

  4. I live just south of Lake Nona, and the traffic here is already incredible. Housing is ridiculous, traffic is ridiculous, and they just keep building. We need more schools and MUCH better roads all through here. They already widened one exit off the Greenway and it still backs up and completely blocks one lane of the highway (and that section only has two southbound lanes!) I just wish Florida would consider infrastructure and the flooding it causes before allowing more building.

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